Prospects for Temp Workers Look Good in 2012

February 24th, 2012

As the U.S. economy begins picking up steam again, businesses are cautiously hiring more employees. That’s good news for anyone seeking work, but the best news may be the job outlook for temporary workers in 2012. Consider some uplifting statistics:,

  • According to the research firm Staffing Industry Analytics, businesses plan to expand the volume of temporary labor they use by 26 percent in the next two years.
  • A Harris Interactive survey of more than 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals, recently released by CareerBuilder, indicates that 36 percent of companies surveyed will hire contract or temp workers this year, up from 28 percent in 2009.
  • Temp workers are staying in their jobs longer – an average of 13.8 weeks – according to the American Staffing Association.
  • Forecasts for holiday/seasonal hiring look good, says the National Retail Federation. It predicts retailers will hire up to 500,000 seasonal workers in 2012.

What does all this mean? Keeping a close eye on the strength of the recovery, companies are looking for short-term help rather than risk wholesale hiring of permanent employees. They’re also facing a transformed talent pool as laid-off and unemployed workers build new careers as temps, contractors, consultants and freelancers.

These options appeal both to young workers, who like the mobility and freedom of temp work, and retirees who want to keep working in a limited capacity.

There are plenty of compelling reasons to consider temp work as an option. Here are just five:

  1. It gives you purpose and activity every day.
  2. It gets you in the door. A temp assignment can lead to a full-time position.
  3. It fills gaps in your resume.
  4. It keeps your skills sharp.
  5. It expands your professional network. You’ll make plenty of new contacts in your temporary assignments – contacts that can pay off down the road, especially as referrals for future positions.

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Is Your Website Doing All It Can to Attract Job Seekers?

February 17th, 2012

Are you getting the desired response from job candidates who visit your company website? If not, a few design and content tips should increase traffic and draw more qualified applicants to your business.

First off, here’s what not to do:

  • A website that proclaims “We’re hiring! Contact us” is unlikely to generate much of an enthusiastic response. The message is too vague and uninformative. Job seekers want more details up-front, the kind of details that accurately reflects your specific hiring needs. They have to see a potential pay-off for their efforts or why bother?
  • Don’t bury job listings beneath a lot of other irrelevant information or imagery. Making people have to search for an open position almost guarantees they’ll stop looking before they find it.

On a more positive note: Your website offers a great opportunity to generate some excitement for your business. Offer content about the workplace that’s both enticing and enthusiastic. Sprinkle in upbeat images, like groups of people having fun on the job or (if they’re scenic) views of the office and surrounding area.

Navigation is critically important. Add a prominently featured jobs link on your homepage for starters. Include a jobs link as a tab in your “About Us” section, with wording like “Work for Us” or “Your Future is Here.” Once the applicant clicks on the link, they should find some or all of the following:

  • A description of the company culture (emphasizing the value you place on your employees)
  • Detailed information about the job opening (including skills required, experience desired and even pay range)
  • A way for candidates to apply (specific email address or place to submit resumes)

It’s also a good idea to include links and hiring news in your other communications, since you never know where individuals will start looking into your business. The company blog is a great place to talk about the type of people you’re looking for and the benefits of employment. Why not tweet a link to your “Careers” page while you’re at it? Share the link on your Facebook page as well.

Remember, your website will never have the same positive impact on everyone who comes to visit. Instead, focus on what you believe is most appealing to the type of candidate you hope to attract. Make it easy for people to learn more and to apply. And keep fine-tuning. You want a hiring section that looks fresh and interesting every time an applicant clicks on it.

11 Free Mobile Apps to Help Your Job Search

February 10th, 2012

In a world of millions of mobile and tablet apps, it’s good to know there are options for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other devices to make your job search easier. Here’s a listing of several mobile apps that you can download for free.

Mobile Monster. Created by, this app lets you search jobs, manage resumes and fill out job applications. This app is available in more than 20 languages and offers valuable information on the newest job postings.

iPQ Career Planner. This useful app enables you to take an assessment to determine what jobs you’re suited for. It reviews your skills and offers recommendations for related jobs – a great tool for new college grads. iPQ’s site also offers resources and questionnaires to help in your long-term career planning.

LinkedIn Mobile. Just like the popular networking site, you can create a profile on this mobile version and connect with more than 135 million professionals around the world. Get updates from contacts and send resumes to job postings as well.

LunchMeet. This app connects through your LinkedIn account so you can find people you want to network with in your area – a great way to expand your existing network or start up a new one.

ResumeBear. You can send and track your resume with this free mobile app. You also receive a text or email alert as soon as your resume’s been reviewed.

Social media apps. There’s several to choose from, including TweetMyJobs, which integrates Twitter and Facebook so users can leverage their social network connections for personal introductions to potential employers. The social media dashboards TweetDeck and Hootsuite also offer free smartphone apps.

Wait! There’s more:

Evernote. This useful app allows you to keep track of receipts, bookmarks, voice memos and more while you’re on the run.

LinkUp. The unique aspect of this mobile job search app is that it searches jobs only found on company websites (and gets updated frequently).

Bump. As the name suggests, a smartphone equipped with this app shares information when you gently bump other phones with the same software. It instantly exchanges names, addresses and phone numbers.

Many of these ingenious apps are available for downloading on iTunes. A brief online search will help you learn more.

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What to Do If They Say, “You Don’t Have Enough Experience”

February 3rd, 2012

It’s an age-old dilemma. You apply for the position you want, but you’re told, “We’re sorry, but you lack experience.” Your first thought is, Well, how can I get experience if you won’t hire me? Fortunately, there are options for coping with this issue and for building up your resume for future job-seeking endeavors.

Start by looking at things through the recruiter’s eyes. She probably has dozens, if not hundreds, of applicants vying for the same position you are. A quick scan of your resume indicates a lack of experience in a critical area–just the excuse she needs to move on to the next candidate. Your goal is to make her see something there, aside from on-the-job experience, that makes her think twice before taking that step.

Look closely at the job description. What types of skills and abilities are they looking for? Maybe you have more to offer than first meets the eye.

Think back on your college experience. What courses did you take that helped you gain knowledge in the field you’re interested in? Did you participate in school projects or do a relevant internship? What other extracurricular activities might relate to the desired position?

What are you naturally good at? If you excel in organization or writing or dealing with people, these are skills you shouldn’t leave off your resume. Other valuable abilities might include knowledge of a foreign language, IT or other technical skills, a knack for research or problem-solving and being able to get things done on your own. All of these attributes are potentially attractive to recruiters. You just have to highlight them in a way that works on your resume.

There are many different types of “experience.” Did you work part-time while completing your college degree? What about volunteer work? For someone relatively new to the job market, there’s nothing wrong with listing these activities, as long as they demonstrate the kinds of skills and initiative employers are looking for.

Get experience through staffing agencies. When it comes to gaining real-life experience, temp work through a staffing agency certainly counts! You have the opportunity to work hard and demonstrate to future employers that what you don’t know now, you’re willing to learn. Plus, it’s a great way to network.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary position, or your next career opportunity, Meador Staffing Services can help you take the next step forward.