What You Should Know About the World of Gen Y Workers

March 2nd, 2012

A new study by the personal branding agency Millennial Branding offers some valuable insights into Generation Y employees and job-seekers. The study focused on four million Facebook profiles of Gen Y (ages 18 to 29)–where these “Milennials” work and their attitudes and aspirations for the future.

This is a well-educated demographic, with many college graduates going on to jobs in technology, education and finance (among the top 10 fields listed on their Facebook profiles). At the same time, many Gen Y workers find employment in the hospitality and travel fields, where degrees aren’t necessarily required. Why? For one thing, when they don’t find the job they want, they often turn to bartending and waitressing to make ends meet. Also, they aren’t drawn to what they perceive as the inflexible world of corporate America.

Other study findings:

  • Gen Y are job-hoppers, averaging just over two years at their first job and changing jobs numerous times throughout their careers.
  • The largest employer of Gen Y is the U.S. military.
  • A mere 7% of Gen-Y works for a Fortune 500 company.

According to current estimates, Gen Y will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. In order to remain competitive, companies need to start aggressively recruiting these young men and women today. They also have to explore ways that enable Millennials to operate in an entrepreneurial spirit within the organization. This means granting them more autonomy over their budgets, time and work habits.

Work that is “personally meaningful” ranks high among Gen Y workers. With this in mind, companies are advised to foster a work environment that incorporates elements such as flexible scheduling and telecommuting. Another helpful tip: Team Millennials with mentors who can help guide them and offer advice on their career paths.

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