Use Your Social Media Pages to Recruit the Candidates You Want

March 16th, 2012

What’s the point in building social media pages on your company’s website but not tailoring them to what job candidates are looking for? Sadly, that’s what many businesses are currently doing. And they’re missing out on a valuable pool of job-seekers who rely on social media to get the information they want about a would-be employer.

Recent surveys of three types of job candidates – in retail, IT and healthcare – offer unique insights into the type of content you should include on your social media pages. More than 500 workers across the U.S. in each of these industries took part in the surveys. It turns out these job-seekers are interested in very specific information when they click on social media pages. (The following survey results can also guide employers in other industries.)

  • Job listings on company pages
  • Fact sheets about the organization (or a Q&A with a recruiter)
  • Description of career paths and potential for growth within the organization
  • Videos of the company’s new products and services
  • Videos or blog postings about what “a day on the job” is like
  • Testimonials from current employees
  • Photos of a company event (picnic, team-building activities, etc.)

What Your Social Media Pages Should Not Be Doing

In the three nationwide surveys, workers also noted what turns them off when they click on an organization’s social media pages:

  • Content that reads like advertisements
  • Filtering or removing social media comments
  • A lack of newly posted information and blog entries
  • Different messages in different social media venues
  • Failure to respond to questions submitted by candidates

At this point, a relatively small group of job-seekers are making significant use of social media pages, but as these surveys suggest, the numbers are on the rise. This, experts say, is definitely a case of “Build it and they will come.”

The most important thing is to keep your pages fresh and informative. This not only sparks interest, but motivates candidates to refer the sites to their friends as well.

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