Don’t Have a Business Blog? What Are You Waiting for?

May 11th, 2012

Does your business have a blog that’s up and running? If not, you’re missing out on an effective and simple way to build relationships with your customers and with potential candidates for open positions in your business.

You’re the expert

A blog keeps your business in customers’ minds, even if they’re not presently looking for what you sell. By regularly updating content on the blog, you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Of course, by “content” we mean information that’s useful to readers, not blatant advertising for your products or services. The goal is to make your blog the first place to visit if someone has an interest in or question about something in your industry.

Blogs drive traffic

Everyone knows the more traffic that comes to your business site, the more customers you’ll get. A blog that continuously provides fresh, informative content will generate traffic to your site, particularly if you embed links to specific web pages as part of your message. Another method of increasing traffic is linking your blog to other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), which further broadens readership and expands your potential customer base.

Posting content on a regular basis also “feeds” search engines (be sure to include keywords relevant to your industry), thus making it even easier for potential customers to find you.

Better customer service

Blogs are interactive; you post content, readers respond. Your blog should always include a brief summary of who you are and what you offer, as well as contact information if readers have questions or wish to inquire about open positions.

Use the blog to post updates on your products or services, and to also respond quickly to any specific customer feedback. The comments you receive can also alert you to any “problem areas” which you can address promptly, in order to keep customers happy.

A variety of sites make it easy to create a blog for your business and get it running. (You don’t need HTML web programming skills to do it!) Sites such as Tumblr, WordPress and Typepad are either free to use or cost little to use.

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