Turn Seasonal Work Into a Full Time Job

August 24th, 2012

Summer is starting to fade and the crisp chill of autumn air is creeping in. With the holidays right around the corner now is the time of year to consider picking up some seasonal work. If you have found yourself in the job market for quite some time adding part time seasonal work to your resume will help keep your skills fresh for your next full time job. In addition to that, it is not impossible to turn a seasonal job into a full time position. Here are some ways to swing the odds in your favor.

  1. Be upfront. Let your manager know you are really looking for a full time job. Your manager will know your intentions and keep you in mind for any full time positions. Make sure your attitude reflects your desire to work with the company long term.
  2. Go above and beyond. The majority of seasonal jobs are in the customer service arena. Make sure that you don’t check out early in the game. Make an effort to go above and beyond in the service you provide. Managers want to hire someone they can rely on to treat customers well so prove that you are the right person for a full time job.
  3. Don’t be passive. Being proactive will get you noticed by the people who make the hiring decisions. If someone calls in sick, don’t hesitate to volunteer to cover that shift. Ask to lend a hand on any additional projects. And if you find yourself with idle time, ask for additional work.
  4. Care about the company. Prove you’re interested in the company. Learn as much as you can about the core values, the business structure and any challenges they may face in the coming year. Show that you want to contribute to the organization.
  5. Be forward thinking. Prove to the manager that you are thinking beyond your seasonal job. Speak up and provide suggestions that will help the company. They may not be implemented but they will show the manager that you are interested in the future of the organization. You want to demonstrate that your contributions will be positive for the company.

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