Resume Polygraph Test

October 26th, 2012

Lying on a resume or job application is an unfortunate practice, but luckily not one that is all too prevalent. However, you never want your business to be in a position to be taken advantage of by an individual who decided to try to game the system. How do you know whether or not you are dealing with someone who is honest about who they are and what they have done? Lacking a lie detector test during the interview process, here are some ways to help you know if you’re talking with candidates who are on the up and up.

  1. Multiple Interviews. There is a multi-tiered approach to the interview process. Not only should you be sure to interview several people for each job opening, but also invite the top candidates back for second or even third interviews. Have other managers available to meet with the candidates as well so you can get several opinions to evaluate.
  2. Background Checks. Though it is becoming a popular practice, there is still a large legal gray area when it comes to Googling candidates prior to making a hiring decision. Sure, internet information is public to a degree but our level of privacy is exactly what the courts are trying to determine for various cases already pending. There is one perfectly reasonable way to research someone’s history: the old fashioned background check. For a small fee to any of the reliable background check companies you can have some peace of mind.
  3. References. It is not uncommon for businesses to skip the reference portion of the job search. It seems time consuming and unreliable. No candidate is going to provide you with the contact information of someone who will speak about them negatively. This is an important part of the process that should not be ignored. By talking to former managers and coworkers you will get an idea of who this person is and whether or not they will be someone that would be a good fit for your organization. Don’t just talk about their job history and performance; ask detailed questions about their character. Not everyone will answer you, but if you keep at it you’ll find the information that you need.

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Not all Networks are Healthy Networks

October 19th, 2012

We’ve all had the experience where we’ve met someone who just doesn’t click with us. When you’re networking in the job market you might feel compelled to reach out to any and all possible connections, but what happens of that network is toxic? Or worse yet, what if your networking skills have people walking away without helping you.  Here are ways to see if the network is healthy or something you should just stay away from and ideas to improve your own networking skills.

  1. Keep away from bad vibes. It is easy to let the depression of your job search set in, but this is the number one reason people don’t get hired. If you meet with someone in your networking who is negative about the market, stay away. Don’t let that negativity seep into your attitude. Remain positive at all times. When talking with people about your job search, don’t sound desperate. Sound excited and helpful about opportunities.
  2. Avoid the Internet black hole. There is a big void in the vast expanses of the Internet. It is easy to get information quickly and it is also easy to send information quickly. This means that a lot of the information you send will disappear if it is not properly addressed. Consider doing more face to face networking than Internet marketing if at all possible.
  3. Be honest. All networking comes with a price. People who do you a favor are ultimately looking for you to return that favor sometime in the future. Don’t derail your networking before you even start by being dishonest with your contact about what you need. When you reach out to your network let them know what you are looking for and offer to help them as well.
  4. Make it not all about you. Most importantly, you need to have a service attitude.  Being honest about your intentions is just the first step, now you need to be able to follow up on your contacts and be as helpful as you can. Sent thank you notes when you can and let the individuals know how much they’ve helped you on your search.

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Find Employees for the Job No One Wants

October 12th, 2012

Regardless of the state of the job market there are always jobs that people really don’t want to do. Most of these less than glamorous jobs also pay less than glamorous wages. What do you do if you’re faced with hiring someone for just this type of job? Here are the best ways for you to approach hiring someone for the least desirable jobs.

  • Honesty. When your available job is something that not many people want to do there is no point to sugarcoating it. Be as thorough and honest as you can in your online job posts. You certainly risk getting negative comments back on forums like Craigslist but you are also preparing the people for working in your environment when they do answer your ad. You may be creating a situation where most people aren’t going to take your job, but you will be attracting the right ones who will get in touch with you.
  • Show them the benefits. There may not be much of a visible benefit to jobs that might turn most people’s stomachs or may be embarrassing to include on a resume in the future; but there are always benefits you can provide to make it less unappealing. Most business owners go about hiring these positions in all the wrong ways. They don’t think anyone would be interested in the job because it isn’t something they themselves would do. Instead, thing about the people who would do the job and tailor the benefits around them. Offer flexible work schedules, buy lunch for the employees once a week, or make sure they get great health benefits in the process.
  • Be a rock star. Rock star employees don’t just happen, they are made. And they can’t be made if they don’t have the right management structure in place. You need to be the best boss you can even though you think this particular job is less than desirable. When someone does leave a job it is not likely it is because they dislike the work they are doing but they dislike their management team. Be a good boss to your employees and they will remain loyal regardless of the specific nature of their job.

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Going After Your Dream Job

October 5th, 2012

Doubt is a power demotivator. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. However, sometimes you have to push it aside to be able to achieve great things. If you have ever experienced doubt when it comes to job applications, sometimes even keeping you from clicking the “apply now” button, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • What makes you feel inadequate? What is making you feel like you shouldn’t apply for this job? What parts of the job posting don’t you feel you can do well? What things are intimidating for you? Often people will look over a job posting and if they only feel confident about 4 of the 5 job duties listed, they won’t apply at all. Often companies are willing to work with the right candidate if their skills are most of the way there. More importantly, they want to make sure you’re a better personal fit with their team than a wiz at all the functions.
  • Talk to a professional. Once you know what it is that is keeping you from applying to your dream jobs, talk with a career coach about how to improve that part of yourself. Talk to experts in the field to expand your knowledge in that subject. The more you feel comfortable with your experience gaps the more assured you will feel about the skills you do possess.
  • Track all of your accomplishments. You may not include all of them on your resume, but you will feel more confident if you know what you have successfully accomplished in your career. Every time you have a great idea or you receive praise from your boss, write it down in a journal. You can also refer to some of these as examples during an interview process. When someone asks you to tell them about a time when you solved a problem, you will remember what it was you did.
  • Ask questions about the environment. Sometimes we worry about whether or not we would be a good fit in the role but that isn’t necessarily what the hiring manager wants to know. If you make it to an interview you are pretty close to getting the job so be sure to ask as many questions as you can. Ask about available training. Ask about the manager and how they mentor their employees. Ask about the team and how they work together. These are considered smart questions by companies and will paint you in a positive light in the interview.

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