What Engages Employees on the Job? | Pasadena Business

March 29th, 2013

Keeping your employees engaged and happy on the job will ensure that your company has an opportunity to stay competitive in today’s market. Employees are spending more time engaged with Facebook in the office than their own job functions and this is costing companies a lot of money in lost production. How do you make the job as engaging as social media? Here are three practical tips for enhancing your employee engagement.

  1. Direct Supervisors. The most important relationship in the office is the employee/boss partnership. If either party doesn’t like or doesn’t trust the other the employees will look for ways to avoid engagement with their jobs.  One common reason that employees and supervisors don’t get along is because of the generation gap in today’s workforce. Generation Y and Baby Boomers are often pitted against each other and their work ethics and communication styles couldn’t be more different. Gen Y is truly looking for mentors to help them advance their career so refocusing your Generation X and Boomer management team in this direction can be a good first step. Talk to everyone about their experience and develop a plan to make improvements.
  2. Effective communication. Many disengaged employees feel that the company is not honest or open enough about their goals or processes. In order for employees to feel like they are part of the team they need to fully understand what is happening with the business. Provide quarterly reports to them and keep them up to date on changes in processes, enhanced procedures, and even the financial situation of the company.
  3. Company values. In today’s globally aware business environment employees like to know that their employers are socially conscious and environmentally sustainable. However you chose to implement this within your own organization be sure to communicate it to your existing team and to potential candidates. If you spend time determining if a candidate is the right fit for your company culture and excited about the business from day one you will find that you aren’t losing money on replacements.

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Embrace Wellness in the Workplace

March 22nd, 2013

Healthcare costs continue to rise and stress is the number one factor for employee burn out. Why not take matters into your own hands as an employer and embrace a wellness program in your office. Many people feel they don’t have the time to commit to working out or eating well because they spend 40 or more hours at the office. Give them time each day to kick start their healthier habits and the tools to continue them at home with their families. Here are 4 simple strategies that you can implement today and make a real difference in the lives of your employees.

  1. Flu shots. Flu season seems like a long way off but it might be a good idea to create a plan to bring in a vaccination team to offer vaccinations to your employees. This will keep people healthy and on the job rather than unable to perform or possibly coming in to work while sick and spreading their germs to the rest of the office. You can work with your current healthcare plan to set up this service when flu season comes around again. If your insurance plan doesn’t cover it you can reimburse your employees for the cost.
  2. Wellness education. Bring instructors in during breaks or lunches to promote various healthy lifestyle changes. They may be local chefs to teach about healthy cooking. Perhaps consider hiring a yoga or tai chi teacher once a week. You can’t make these programs mandatory but encourage your employees to attend by providing incentives. It may even be just the break they were looking for in their day.
  3. Speaking of incentives. Employees respond well to rewards for their good work the same may be true for their new healthy lifestyle. It is worth the monetary investment in rewarding healthy behavior to retain good employees. One trend includes reimbursing employees additional medical benefits costs if they maintain a certain standard in their health.
  4. Don’t forget mental health. Stress can be an indicator of a much more complex problem. It can also lead to more physically presenting symptoms like heart disease and insomnia. You never know what kind of additional stress an employee is facing so offering shame-free options for dealing with problems is essential to maintaining a happier workforce.

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What Your Resume Needs to Say

March 15th, 2013

There is really only one thing your resume needs to say to a hiring manager. It needs to ask the question “what makes me a better candidate than all the other people who have submitted their resume to this job?” It is important for that to be recognizable and stand out from the crowd. Recruiters spend only seconds with their initial evaluation of a resume so choose your information wisely. Here are some ways you can answer that question.

  • What you’ve achieved. Showcase your promotions. If your upward movement was with the same company be sure to spit your roles up along with the dates you held those jobs. If you left a company to go to a position with more responsibility, be sure to indicate the increased requirements in the description.
  • What you’ve accomplished. Recruiters like to see tangible results. Did you increase sales by 75% in just one year? Did you save your company over $10,000 by implementing an improvement process? Be specific and provide numbers and data to back up your accomplishments.
  • How you’ve been rewarded. Were you ever Employee of the Year? Were you one of only 100 people in your large company to be given a president’s award? Share this information for each of your positions to show that you brought greatness to the table and were recognized for it.
  • Your proven competence. Many resume experts suggest you tread lightly on going into detail about your job duties. It is believed that the functions of the job are less important than your ability to outperform your competition. However, you still want to include enough of your experience and background to indicate to the hiring manager that you are qualified for the job.
  • Your expertise. Showing that you are competent at the job requirements is not enough, you need to show that you are an expert in that field. Many recruiters like to see candidates who write a blog on their subject. Develop an online brand and begin to write about the things you are most knowledgeable about.

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Improve Yourself as a Leader: Engaged Employees

March 8th, 2013

Everyone today is dealing with an overwhelming amount of information. We have constant access to the internet and much of our business is conducted this way. Streams of information can easily bog down managers and employees alike. Feeling pressure from this kind of information overflow occasionally leads to decreased communication skills. However, a good leader can overcome these challenges and step up to the plate. There are several simple ways improve leadership skills and keep your employees engaged on the job. Here are four tips for keeping employees satisfied and becoming a better manager.

  1. Focus on your employees. The most important, but simple, thing you can do to engage your employees is to recognize their challenges and concerns. Put yourself in their shoes to see the things they have to deal with every day and determine if there are ways to make improvements. Active listening will create a better relationship between you and your team.
  2. Honest is the best policy. Some managers feel that they need to provide delicate answers to their employees’ questions. The truth is most employees want straight and honest answers to their concerns. Being transparent and authentic will win more employee loyalty than trying to be spare feelings around the office. Don’t be unnecessarily cruel, but be honest with your feedback.
  3. Avoid over complicating the issues. Many businesses have industry specific language that they use as a way to keep themselves distant from everyone else. Employees don’t like to be the ones who are kept at a distance. Not only should you keep your messages honest but keep them simple and understandable so you don’t lose your employees attention before you even have it.
  4. Be interesting and they’ll be interested. To engage in any relationship it is a give and take. People gravitate towards others to whom they feel a connection. When you are sharing an important message with your team wrap it in a story or some other inviting language. This will get, and keep, their attention. Your employees will be more likely to listen to your next request or set of instructions if they feel empowered by your message.

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