Impactful Improvements to the Workplace for Your Texas Business

April 26th, 2013

Are you looking for ways to increase your employee engagement without breaking the bank? Luckily there are several budget friendly ideas that can help reinvigorate your team and build better morale.  Here are four ideas that are simple and cost effective that can help transform your office to an engaging place to work.

  1. Work from Home. While many smaller organizations are reticent to allow their employees to work remotely many Fortune 500 companies have been doing it successfully for years. So far it has not been found to decrease performance or effectiveness. Try it on a temporary basis and see how it works for your employees. Rotate a schedule so everyone has an opportunity to work from home and yet your office will still have coverage. If the workflow does not suffer consider offering more work from home opportunities as a reward for work well done.
  2. Invest in social enterprise. Social media has become a concern for many businesses. Management often needs to find a way to curb the overuse of Facebook on company time. One solution is to use social enterprise software to create a connection within the office and collaboration between various departments. One of the most common options is SalesForce.
  3. Recruit through social media. Social media does have its place in businesses and corporations. More and more potential candidates are seeking jobs through social networking outlets so it is a good idea search in these places. Since most social media is free and accessible this can allow for your human resources department to spend less time on recruiting new and replacement employees and more time on retention programs for your current staff.
  4. Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Stress and poor choices can cause a number of problems for individuals in the workplace. Do what you can to encourage wellness in your office. Remove the snack and soda machines and provide fruit and water instead. Encourage your employees to use their break time away from the office to decompress and come back refreshed. You may even bring speakers in to discuss healthier lifestyle choices.

Do you want to create a better employee experience in your office? Contact the team at Meador Staffing to see what other ways we can work with you.

Meador News — Supply and Demand Portal

April 22nd, 2013

At Meador Staffing, we take the time to seek out tools that best help us help you. One of the tools we have recently made a high-price investment in is something called Supply and Demand Portal, provided by our partners at CareerBuilder. Talent pools grow and shrink depending on the labor demand by job type in particular markets. By understanding labor demand of the U.S. workforce, you can more effectively guide your recruitment strategy in terms of employment brand, compensation and overall advertising placement.

This economic data tool is available to you, our client, to help stay informed of what is going on in the industries we help you service. You will gain real-time access to the availability of active candidates for any position, salary compensation for a specific area, as well as locations where you will find the most and least competition is for that talent. Supply and Demand filters by geography, industry, company name, keywords related to specific skills, job title, certification, and education. In addition, you will be able to view trends from the last two years to adjust your recruitment strategy as needed. The portal’s accurate talent intelligence covers 90 percent of the online job market.

With the Supply and Demand Portal, the data presented to you, and with the costly investment made in this tool, in your business, we hope to provide you with the best possible results and outcomes when it comes to our services. This is an added service we will provide to you, used by less the five percent of the companies in the staffing industry.

Supply and Demand Portal

What is it? Supply and Demand is analytical data based off 90% of all online hiring sites. This new tool will allow our recruitment team to develop accurate recruitment strategies based on trending data.

What does it do? Supply and Demand shoe the supply, demand, and labor pressure by market based off job titles; financial averages by market based off job titles.

What does it mean? With Supply and Demand, recruitment reams can develop accurate strategies for recruitment. This alleviates the problem of guessing. Companies can offer competitive wages to prospective candidates.

Save time. Supply and Demand is a tool used to improve results of current tools by using them in a more effective way. This can be extremely effective in pricing out bids as well as business development. For companies, having the ability to offer a competitive wage allows you to not waste time when recruiting.

Success stories. A client was posting for a PHP developer. This position was open for eight months. This client looked at the data and identified that they were not offering enough money. The company learned they were offering 15% less than the average. The client increased their offer by $15,000 and made a hire after 45 days.


Sologig is an employment website that connects experienced IT and engineering professionals, and matches them with relevant opportunities. We will be using Sologig to provide this unique set of candidates.

We are always looking for new, attractive ways to draw the attention of top talent. If you have any questions about the tools we use to place the right people in the right jobs, we would love to discuss them more with you. As always, our Meador teams work to ensure our clients are knowledgeable of how we do what we do best.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Supply and Demand Portal, please contact your staffing consultant or recruiter. We would be happy to review this tool in detail so that you best understand how it can help you.

As always, thank you for your business. We value your relationship with us and your continued trust in our services.

Improve Your Interviewing Skills as the Interviewer

April 19th, 2013

Interviewing well is a talent for both sides of the desk. It is an art that takes two people to perfect. The interview should be a give and take and everyone involved should leave with a complete picture of the potential partnership. Here are seven tips for improving your skills as an interviewer.

  1. Read and research. Potential candidates are expected to have researched the company and the job before showing up to an interview. The same respect and preparation should be given by the interviewer. Review their resume completely and check out their LinkedIn profile for additional information. If both sides are well prepared the conversation should be easy and informative.
  2. Your complete attention. It is sometimes difficult to forget about all of the other things happening in the office during the interview. Your candidate deserves your undivided attention and it is respectful to provide it to them. Listen carefully and don’t feel the need to fill any silence. If you don’t fill the gaps the candidate is likely to continue sharing information with you.
  3. Scenarios not questions. Behavioral interviewing is a process by which you learn how a person would react in a specific situation. Think about a real situation that has or could happen in your department. Present it to them and ask how they would react in that situation. This will typically give you a more honest understanding of their personality for the job rather than answering general questions they practiced before arriving.
  4. Avoid the quirky questions. Some interviewing advice suggests that you ask some unconventional questions to make the interviewee pause and consider their answer. Questions might include “if you were any animal, what would you be?” This method doesn’t really provide any value and only makes the potential candidate uncomfortable speaking with you. Avoid these questions.
  5. Unspoken language. Body language is another good way to understand each other. You can gauge a lot by noticing if they are nervous or if they make proper eye contact. Are they sitting back with their arms crossed? Are they leaning forward and mirroring your body language?  All of these can be clues to their personality.
  6. Individual and company values.  Your organization already has a developed company culture. It is important that the new candidate fit in well with your current team and share the same values as your organization in general. This might be the most important aspect of the interview because of this kind of chemistry doesn’t exist it can’t be forced.
  7. Give them homework. You want to see how your potential candidate performs so give them a task to complete. When you schedule the interview suggest that they bring in a formatted letter or a spreadsheet with specific information for your review. This way you can truly understand how well they do at the skills you need.

Are you looking for your next superstar candidate? Contact the recruiters at Meador Staffing to see how we can help you today! 

LinkedIn Search: What You Need to Know as a Job Seeker

April 12th, 2013

Over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find candidates for their open jobs. It is important as a job seeker to be where the recruiters are looking. Here are seven things that it is important to know about linkedin in to help you find your next opportunity.

  1. Be complete and be connected. LinkedIn uses algorithms that sort connections by relevance. You will show up at the top of the search for people to whom you are already connected. Increase your network through first level connections to maximize this. Also, be sure your profile is listed at 100% complete as the searches are also showing completed profiles at the top of the results.
  2. “Keywords” are not meaningless. With the major changes in Google searches many professionals are saying that peppering your profile with keywords is no longer necessary. However, recruiters are still using keywords in their LinkiedIn search. Linked in still uses smart searches and will return results based on where in the profile the keywords are included. Your headline, job title, and skills are good places to include this information.
  3. Use all the characters, join all the groups. When writing your headline it is a good idea to use all of the available character spaces. Also, LinkedIn has a cap on how many groups you can join so use all of those slots and find as many groups that relate to your industry or hobbies as you can. Creating the most detailed and complete profile means using all of the space and connections available to you.
  4. The “contact me” section. Your LinkedIn profile has an option to include advice for how to contact you directly. Keep in mind that LinkedIn does not use this field for their searches so adding key words isn’t necessary. However, you should maximize this space by including all of the ways a hiring manager can reach you including your phone number and email address.
  5. Synonyms. It is impossible to know exactly what combination of words a recruiter will use to search on LinkedIn so you may as well use them all. Consider all the ways you can phrase what it is that you do. If you work in Information Technology you may want to include the entire phrase, IT, support engineer, computer support, and any other combination of words that may pop up in a typical search.
  6. Review your progress. Every once in a while click on the sidebar option that reads “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”  Not only does this give you some insight on the individuals who have clicked on your information but also provides a chart that shows you how many searches you’ve appeared in. Each search on LinkedIn returns a list of names, profile photos, and headlines. If you’re appearing in a number of searching but not getting a lot of views you can revisit these aspects of your profile.
  7. LinkedIn is Number One. LinkedIn results appear more than any other social networking site in Google searches. By completing your profile you are not only inviting recruiters to view your information from within the site but also those who are searching externally.

Are you looking to optimize your LinkedIn profile? Contact the professional recruiters at Meador Staffing today!

Hot Jobs from Meador Staffing: AP and AR, Electrical Designer

April 5th, 2013

Meador Staffing is always seeking qualified individuals for our available positions. Contact us today to see our latest opportunities.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Are you looking for your next AP and AR position?

We are currently seeking candidates for immediate openings in the accounting department of a fast-paced and challenging industry. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable jobs are currently open with a client in our staffing territory. The client is seeking dependable candidates local to the area who want to build their career. At least 3 years’ experience with both receivables and payables is required. Quickbooks or similar software experience is desired. This is a temporary to hire position with opportunity for advancement. The position starts at $14 to $16 per hour depending on previous experience and skill level. This is on par with the average starting salary for accounts receivable and payable positions in the area, according to

Candidates must demonstrate experience in both accounts payable and receivables to be considered for the opportunity. Only qualified candidates will be considered. Use your skills in accounting to establish a career with a dedicated local company and find out where this job can take you.

Electrical Designer

Is electrical design your passion? Are you looking to take your experience to the next level?

Company in the Channelview area is seeking a skilled Electrical Designer with experience working in a manufacturing environment. This position will assist with the preparation of drawings and specs for electrical systems for the organization. Candidates will have at least two years’ experience with a consulting firm or as a design engineer or designer. A degree in Electrical Engineering is highly desired but not required.

Only qualified candidates will be considered. Previous experience within a manufacturing environment is required. Salary range starts at $55,000 to $60,000, which is a strong mid-level starting salary according to Experienced candidates are encouraged to apply to be considered for this opportunity to stretch your engineering and design skills with a dedicated organization in Channelview. This local company is looking for your skills and talents, so why not apply today?

Meador Staffing specializes in positions local to the Houston and Austin area and is always on the outlook for qualified candidates to present to their clients. Contact us to apply now!