Change Your Company Culture Now! Hello Success.

June 28th, 2013

Stress can be a major problem for working adults. It is important to manage it at a personal level by eating well, exercising, and taking personal time. However, it is equally as imperative that corporations and small businesses recognize the causes of stress and work toward reducing them within the work place. As a manager, how can you affect your team’s stress levels by making changes to your company culture? Here are several ideas you can implement today.

  1. Work/Life balance. When an employee spends 9 hours a day at the office and sometimes more than an hour a day commuting they have very limited time to spend with their families. Work/Life balance can come in many forms. Allow your employees to take additional time off for family obligations or encourage them to work from home. Create a flexible schedule that can work for your entire team.
  2. Bring your dog to work day. Pets do lower our stress levels and help us relax. Implementing a dog friendly workplace policy could help reduce your team’s stress and make the office more inviting. Establish rules to make the process smooth and safe for each employee and their pups. Maybe even consider a way for your cat-loving employees to take advantage of the policy.
  3. Be a business mentor. Your team, especially those from Generation Y, is looking for business leadership. Share your knowledge with your employees by providing mentoring so they understand that working for you isn’t just a job but a career development experience.
  4. Office meditation. It has been proven that sitting quietly and slowing your breath can calm your stress levels. Offer a meditation space in your office where team member can sit, relax, and let the stress of the day melt away before returning to their desks. Yoga classes can also provide this form of relaxation in combination with some healthy exercise.
  5. Recognition. Your employees also want to know that their contribution to the company is valued. Being recognized and rewarded for a job well done will reduce stress levels and boost confidence to encourage the employee to continue to succeed.

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