Hot Job at Meador: Customer Service Representative in La Porte Area

September 27th, 2013

Our client is currently seeking a successful customer service professional to add to their current team. The right candidate will have a thorough knowledge of procedures and processes associated with customer service, supply, storage, and distribution functions in a fast paced environment.

This role will be the primary point of contact for their client base. They must have strong organizational skills, be assertive and flexible, and customer service minded. They must be able to work in a close team environment, perform basic mathematical calculations, and have a high standard for quality. Our client’s environment is primarily office based with occasional visits to the warehouse which is not climate controlled. This employee is expected to maintain a clean and organized work area. The candidate is also required to perform various tasks to assist or support the remainder of the organization.

Some overtime or non-normal hours may be required including evenings, weekends, and/or holidays. The candidates must have a strong working knowledge of MS Office programs especially Outlook. They must be capable of learning the proprietary software that is required for the customer service department. This candidate must maintain an accurate filing system to include the archived files and also be able to perform invoicing, keeping in mind tariffs and conditions determined in the client rate agreements.

Pay rate starts at $12 which is competitive for the industry and area according to

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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

September 20th, 2013

There is still so much confusion over the legality of using social media to pre-screen candidates for a job. It is important to be cautious about the way you use their personal information. However, this doesn’t mean that their social media profiles are completely off limits in the job hunt. Here are four ways you can use social media to screen candidates.

  • Review their groups and connections. LinkedIn makes it very easy to assess professionals in this way. In fact, it was designed to use used for hiring decisions. When you’re reviewing a LinkedIn profile pay special attention to their job history and recommendations. A red flag may be raised if they don’t have any recommendations from former coworkers or managers. Also look at the types of groups in which they are involved. This can tell you a lot about their interests and their experience. Look at their connections as well to see how they build a network.
  • Review their “About” page. Facebook can be a little more complicated. Much of what you will be able to see will depend on their specific security settings. The best way to access information is to review the “About” page in their profile. You may see their job history or you may simply see a public list of their favorite music. Use caution when reviewing public photos because you may find yourself making a discriminatory decision without meaning to.
  • Review their communications. The Twitter microblogging platform is public so there are no real restrictions for reviewing this information. It is a great place to see how your candidate communicates on line. You can look out for egregious grammar and spelling errors or even inappropriate content. If they are able to create well thought out statements in only 140 characters they may be someone with exceptional communications skills.
  • Review visual media. Like Twitter, both Pinterest and Instagram are public websites so brows your candidate’s pins and photos to see who they really are. This may be a great way to compare their personal interests with that of your team to see if they will get along. For instance, you may find that someone really interested in scrapbooking will get along great with your currently crafty employees.

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4 Ways to Onboard Your Texas Employees

September 13th, 2013

It is a startling statistic to hear that 22% of new employees leave within 45 days at a job. In fact, 4% of them leave after an awful and apparently unredeemable experience on their very first day. Businesses know that stellar employees are an investment but often they allow the new team members to start the first day with little to no oversight and expect them to succeed, especially if they have previous experience. There is more to hiring the right people than meets the eye. Here are four ways you can help the onboarding process and improve your retention.

  1. Facilitate introductions. Your new employee may be spending the majority of their time within their own department but they will interact with everyone in the company at one time or another. Help make their first meeting be positive. Spend some time taking the new employee around the office and introducing them to everyone on your team.
  2. Offer leisure time. The first day can be overwhelming so take some time out to relax in the middle of the day. You may want to consider taking the new employee out to a long lunch and you can even include other members of that department. It will give everyone a chance to talk about the job and the company in a comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Provide training about company culture. Of course it is important to train your new employee on office policies and procedures as well as the general duties of their job but also consider incorporating your company culture into the training curriculum. Share your value structure, your environment, how you enjoy your time on the job, and your mission.
  4. Provide regular feedback. Don’t wait until their 90 day review to share information about their performance. Gently correct them on anything they need to improve as you see it happening. More importantly, provide positive reinforcement when you see them excelling at their new position. You hired them for a reason so let them succeed.

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3 Ways to Prep For Your First Day at Work

September 6th, 2013

After sending out hundreds of resumes, attending multiple interviews, and facing rejection more times than you care to count you have landed a great job. You feel motivated and excited to start with your new company. Now, you just need to get through your first day with flying colors. Here are three ways you can prepare for your first day at work on your new job.

  1. Plan your route and transportation. The day before you start your new job is a perfect time to get prepared. Check out a map to the company location and plan your route. If you are unfamiliar with the area you may want to take a test run in the afternoon during the heaviest traffic to see what it will be like. Make sure that your gas tank is full and any necessary car repairs have been done before your first day to avoid any problems on your way to work. Have a backup plan in case there are problems with your transportation.
  2. Plan your outfit. Before your first day learn about the company dress code policy and pick out something that fits within the rules. Lay your clothes out the night before you can you make sure there are no stains or needed repairs. Even if your company is business casual be sure to choose something that is classic and professional. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes in case you will be touring the office.
  3. Plan your lunch and other needs. You never know if your boss or department might want to take you out for lunch on your first day so pack a lunch that won’t go bad if you don’t eat it right away. Bring snacks and drinks so that you have something to eat while you navigate the office policies, snack machines, and drink availability. It also doesn’t hurt to prepare for medical emergencies and bring some pain relievers in case you have a headache and antacid so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in the office.

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