4 Ways to Onboard Your Texas Employees

September 13th, 2013

It is a startling statistic to hear that 22% of new employees leave within 45 days at a job. In fact, 4% of them leave after an awful and apparently unredeemable experience on their very first day. Businesses know that stellar employees are an investment but often they allow the new team members to start the first day with little to no oversight and expect them to succeed, especially if they have previous experience. There is more to hiring the right people than meets the eye. Here are four ways you can help the onboarding process and improve your retention.

  1. Facilitate introductions. Your new employee may be spending the majority of their time within their own department but they will interact with everyone in the company at one time or another. Help make their first meeting be positive. Spend some time taking the new employee around the office and introducing them to everyone on your team.
  2. Offer leisure time. The first day can be overwhelming so take some time out to relax in the middle of the day. You may want to consider taking the new employee out to a long lunch and you can even include other members of that department. It will give everyone a chance to talk about the job and the company in a comfortable atmosphere.
  3. Provide training about company culture. Of course it is important to train your new employee on office policies and procedures as well as the general duties of their job but also consider incorporating your company culture into the training curriculum. Share your value structure, your environment, how you enjoy your time on the job, and your mission.
  4. Provide regular feedback. Don’t wait until their 90 day review to share information about their performance. Gently correct them on anything they need to improve as you see it happening. More importantly, provide positive reinforcement when you see them excelling at their new position. You hired them for a reason so let them succeed.

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