How to Locate Top Talent

October 25th, 2013

In today’s recovering economy many companies find themselves struggling to hire top talent. A combination of a competitive job market as well as a phenomenon known as the skills gap are making it difficult to attract candidates. However, the right professionals are out there but it is up to each company to learn new sourcing and hiring techniques to find them. Here are a few ideas that you can use for hiring top talent for your business.

  1. Market your company brand. An important tool in any company’s recruiting arsenal today is strong brand content online. Do you have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn company profile? It is important to have these things available so when a potential employee is researching your company they find positive information that will encourage them to apply to your open jobs.
  2. Have flexible requirements. There was a time when companies were willing to train talented individuals on the job. After the recession began in 2007 more and more companies began to recruit under very specific requirements. This has led to what is now known as the skills gap. However, the talent is still out there if you’re willing to be flexible on the experience necessary to perform the job.
  3. Reconsider the salary. Another possible cause of the so-called skills gap is the lack of growth in salaries for many industries. Analysts believe that the reason companies are unable hire talent is because they aren’t willing to pay a fair rate for the position. Research the role and the average salaries in your area before determining what you are willing to offer. Talk to the candidate about their salary expectations and try to come to a good agreement.
  4. Recruit passive candidates. Staffing services have long known that the secret to recruiting the best candidates is to seek out those who don’t know they were looking for a better opportunity. These are referred to as passive candidates. Social media is a great avenue for attracting passive candidates to your company culture and your open jobs.

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Hot Jobs at Meador: Engineering and Legal Positions Available

October 18th, 2013

Environmental Engineer in Austin, Texas

Our client, an established and stable company in the Austin area, is currently seeking an Environmental Engineer to add to their team.

Candidates are required to have five years of experience in air permitting and chemistry of emissions for this industrial plant as well as a BS degree in Environmental Engineering or related science or engineering discipline. The position expects the professional engineer to develop, devise and work with environmental programs for regulatory air, water and other environmental permitting, and care of reporting laws, rules and requirements.

This role will be in charge of technical and engineering projects, reporting of chemicals, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and waste streams, and will work with governmental agencies to conduct environmental audits and inspections.

Reporting experience is needed to complete information regarding the Toxic Release Inventory, Emissions Inventory and Greenhouse Gas documents.

The right candidate will also be able to climb and inspect the plant facility as well as have a good driving record.

Are you able to learn operational, electrical, and mechanical equipment operations? Do you have managerial ability and a professional demeanor?

Our client offers excellent benefits. The salary is commensurate with experience and competitive for the area and industry.

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Senior Docketing Assistant in Austin, Texas

Our client is offering an outstanding opportunity to work with a very successful and stable law firm in Austin with worldwide offices. They are a full service law firm and this is a direct hire opportunity.

The position is for a senior level Assistant in the Intellectual Property Docketing division.  Once hired, this employee will devise records in the database, docket and calendaring of the due dates, de-docketing dates and following up with attorneys or paralegals with ongoing tasks.

This individual will perform docketing duties with all US and Foreign prosecution and opposition, interference or appellate information and create new data and overseeing the internal Patent and Trademark verifications. They will also control the attorney’s dockets daily and work on auditing files and developing latest IP rules for domestic and foreign IP.

The right candidate must have 5 years of Intellectual Property and Trademark/Brand experience and Docketing software skills to be considered. A college degree or job experience is preferred.

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3 Tips for Onboarding Temps

October 11th, 2013

Temporary employees require special consideration. Often bringing a temp on board is a process that is taken for granted. We expect them to “hit the ground running” but fail to realize that they need some coaching on the company culture and environment to be successful. If you want to ensure the success of your new temporary employee consider an onboarding program to get them acclimated to the job and business. Here are three tips for an easy start to your temp’s assignment.

  • Keep your staff in the know. Your current team often holds the key to creating a comfortable environment for your temporary employee. Before the temp starts work talk to your staff about who will be joining them, how long their assignment will be, and what they are there to accomplish. This will also give you an opportunity to assure your staff that their jobs are not going to be threatened by this new, short term employee. They are there to make the job easier, not harder.
  • Provide continuous communication. You trust your new temp employee and believe that they can do the duties assigned, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them for three months. Provide consistent feedback, both good and bad, to help them with their assignment. Negative situations have a way of accumulating and if you don’t address issues right away you may find that they can’t be fixed. Also, be sure to offer feedback to your recruiter. This will help them understand how their employee is performing.
  • Designate a mentor. Ask one of your trusted team members to help ease the transition of the new temporary employee. This person can work as a mentor and help the temp learn about the office and be a go-to person for questions. Everything from where the copy machine is located to best place to grab lunch in the area are ways the mentor can help the temp. The mentor employee can also check in with the temp and will become someone your new employee can trust to answer questions.

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4 Ways to Highlight Your Experience on Your Resume

October 4th, 2013

We all know that the resume is the first step to a successful job hunt. There are so many answers for how to construct a perfect resume that it can be easy to get caught up in the details. You may want to make sure that your existing skills appear transferable to a new type of employer. Or you may want to demonstrate your broad experience to be attractive to a number of potential businesses. Here are 4 simple tips to highlight your experience on your resume to engage the reviewer’s attention and make them want to pick up that phone.

  • Use keywords from the job posting. Before you send a resume to a company review the job description and match up the language they use to your experience. Now spend a little time rewriting portions of your resume, especially your most recent experience, to reflect this language. The closer you get to the specific keywords they use to describe the job the more likely you will be considered a viable candidate.
  • Focus on results. Many people spend a lot of time listing the duties and functions of each of their jobs. Instead, in order to stand out, focus on the results of your contributions. Be specific and provide as much data as possible to highlight your accomplishments. Did you save your company over $600,000 by implementing a small change? Were you able to enhance your company’s organizational processes by creating a new procedure that is now used throughout the office?
  • Include volunteer experience. Companies are interested in hiring complete people with diverse backgrounds. They don’t want to talk to someone who spent 24 hours a day in the office. Show them your contributions to the community. Did you volunteer? Did you work through college to earn your degree? These things show that you are a complex and whole person and will pique their curiosity.
  • Avoid over-used terminology. Many resume resources will encourage you to use action verbs and power words, but be cautious about the overuse of these phrases. Writing that you are a “team player” is almost meaningless in today’s job market. Be aware of corporate speak and try to find new ways to indicate your experience.

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