4 Benefits to Working with a Texas Recruiter

November 29th, 2013

Is your company looking to add staff to your team? As the job market continues to improve here in Texas, how can you find the very best candidates for your open positions? Have you considered working with a local recruiter who understands the job landscape right here at home? There are many benefits to selecting and working with a dedicated recruiter who understands the community and knows the job market and candidate pool in the area. Here are just a few reasons to consider working with a recruiter in Texas.

  1. Recruiters have an established network in the Austin and Houston areas. Your recruiter will have already done the hard work for finding qualified individuals for your job openings. They already have a strong pool of candidates they have interviewed and even worked with. Tap into their extended network for the cost of their services to find the best qualified candidates local to your company.
  2. Specialized recruiters understand your industry. Talk with a local recruiting company who specializes in your industry. They will have the knowledge and insight to evaluate candidates who already have experience. The recruiter will ask you to spend some time with them discussing the specifics of the job so they have a good understanding of your needs.
  3. Access to the local candidates. Your Texas recruiter will be able to connect with candidates who are already local to your business. As soon as you present them with an open job order they can begin screening candidates to meet with you. Your recruiter will have access to the best local resources for networking.
  4. They fully understand the needs of the community. There are many large, national staffing firms who say they can help you with your local staffing needs, but they aren’t necessarily equipped with the right knowledge. How can a recruiter in New York understand the neighborhoods and commute experience within the Austin and Houston areas.

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Hot Jobs at Meador: Accountant and Construction Project Superintendent

November 22nd, 2013


Our client, based in Houston, is currently seeking a qualified accountant to join their team for a direct hire position. This staff accountant must have good communication, an eye for detail, and likes tackling projects.

The position is responsible for cash management, daily bank transfers and daily bank reconciliations. Will also handle monthly inventory movements, weekly inventory reports, and monthly general ledger reconciliation. The accountant will also handle job cost and billing review as needed. Daily sales and use tax returns, and monthly license renewals along with any additional projects as needed.

A qualified candidate will have a BBA or BS in accounting along with at least 2 to 3 years’ experience in accounting. Must be comfortable with problem analysis and problem solving skills. Our client is looking for a candidate who is a self-starter and who can hit the ground running.

Salary range is $55,000 to $60,000 based on previous experience. According to Salary.com this is the average salary for intermediate level staff accountants in the Houston area.

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Construction Project Superintendent

We are currently working with a client in Denver, Colorado, seeking a construction project superintendent for a direct hire position.

The superintendent directs activities of workers concerned with construction of buildings, apartment complexes, commercial facilities, restaurants or other construction projects by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors.

The following are minimum pre-requisites for the position of Superintendent:  you must have an associate’s degree and over 5 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience as well as the ability to carry out supervisory responsibilities including training, directing work, rewarding and disciplining employees and addressing/resolving problems that may arise. You must have excellent problem-solving, analytical, organizational and time management skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Our client also requires experience in multi-family construction.

The essential job functions of the Superintendent include but are not limited to the following:

  • Schedule the projects in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines.
  • Confer with Project Manager, owners, and contractors to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints and construction problems.
  • Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to workers and clients.
  • Plan, organize, and direct on-site activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities and systems.
  • Take actions to deal with the result of delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction site.
  • Inspect and review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, and other regulations.
  • Study job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods.
  • Oversee subcontractors who complete specific pieces of the project, such as painting or plumbing.
  • Investigate damage, accidents or delays on construction sites, to ensure that proper procedures are being carried out.
  • Processes supplies and materials to complete construction projects.
  • All other duties as assigned.

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3 Ways to Improve Culture and Attract Candidates

November 15th, 2013

Your company culture is the glue that ties your business and your employees together. It is the very thing that can motivate your team to perform at the top of their game. How can you leverage your corporate culture to attract the best candidates to your door step when you’re hiring? Here are three ways you can improve your company culture now and hire the best and the brightest.

  1. Flexible schedules. Employees crave a better work/life balance. Companies that don’t offer flexible schedule options are losing candidates to organizations who do. Some management teams believe that employees need more structure and can’t handle this type of flexibility, but that is not proving to be true. There are a few ways that flexible hours can be implemented. Flexible start and end times can help employees skip rush hour or be home when school lets out. Work from home options are also popular and can either be entirely remote or just a few days a week depending on your in office needs. A results oriented workplace is another option. In this workplace you expect your team to complete their work by a deadline but the time they spend on it is not tracked. They can work at their own pace as long as they provide results.
  2. Community involvement. Many professionals, especially those who are part of generation Y, are interested in working for organizations who take on some social and community responsibility. They want to know that their employer cares about the world and the place where they live and conduct business. You can work with local charities or organizations to raise donations or volunteer for special events. Allow your employees to share the causes that are important for them. At the holidays, rather than giving gifts to your clients, make a charitable donation to a local group instead. Give your clients certificates that indicate a donation has been made in their name.
  3. Collaborative opportunities. Innovation in the workplace is a product of collaborative efforts. Generation Y is already experienced with working on these types of projects as they were raised with apps and tools that facilitate teamwork in this way. Harness this momentum to improve your company’s effectiveness and innovation. Establish an environment conducive to collaboration. Organize communal spaces and make the office easy to navigate. Use collaborative tools such SalesForce or Google Apps to encourage departments to work together.

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3 Ways to Follow Up if a Job is on Hold

November 8th, 2013

Job searches are not always cut and dry for seekers, and the same is often true for the process within a company. Sometimes an organization identifies a need for a new staff member but for various reasons, including budget or corporate hiring freeze, the job is put on hold after candidates have been considered. It can be frustrating to learn that the perfect opportunity is no longer available. There are some right and wrong ways to follow up on a job that has been placed on hold. Here are three ways to follow up.

  1. Email your contact. While a phone call may seem like the best way to connect with the hiring manager, it can also be seen as pestering. The hiring manager has their own job to do so it is best to send an email following up on the job opening. Ask why it was put on hold and if there is an expected time frame for the job to reopen. Don’t panic if they don’t email you back right away. You can always include a “read receipt” which will let you know that they did get it and opened it.
  2. Provide additional information. When you email your contact, frame it in a way that shows you are checking in on the job and offer additional data that may intrigue them. Provide information about a certification or an award that shows you’re dedicated and makes an impression.  You want them to remember you when the opportunity is open again.
  3. Don’t lose momentum. Even if you are waiting for your dream job to be taken off hold, it is extremely important to keep searching for other job opportunities. You never know what might happen at any individual company and it necessary to keep your job hunt momentum going. Give the job a time frame. If you haven’t heard anything back within a month or more, you may send another email to reiterate your interest. Continue your search as you wait.

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