Austin Ranks Top City for Job Seekers

March 13th, 2014

It is no secret to the rest of the country; Austin Texas is a growing place for jobs and job seekers. According to a recent online study, Austin is number 1 on a list of 10 growing cities for jobs that also includes Washington DC, Denver, Charlotte North Carolina, and Minneapolis. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for Austin’s boom and what attracts both job seekers and businesses to the city.

  • Technology companies and more. Big names such as Dell and IBM have offices in the city and are hiring skilled individuals for their business. The technology industry is booming in Austin and bringing with it jobs for qualified job seekers in the area. Beyond technology there are also jobs available in biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Many high profile national companies have built their headquarters in the area including Whole Foods, 3M, Waste Management, and Progressive Insurance.
  • Business friendly regulations. The very business friendly regulations in Texas are one of the major reasons large US companies are setting up shop there. Not only is the industry fair to large businesses but also to small startups and entrepreneurs. The more people who feel comfortable starting their own organization, the more opportunities for job growth in the area.
  • No state income tax. Another major reason that Texas is such a friendly state to new job seekers is the lack of a state income tax. This allows for employees to keep a significant portion of their paycheck. However, keep in mind that the lack of state income tax does mean that other taxes, such as property and sales, are higher than average.
  • Highly educated job market. One of the major reasons industries cite for locating their businesses in Texas is because of the highly educated job market. Especially in Austin, the high level universities are offering businesses a skilled pool of educated workers to take their open jobs. Austin alone is home to several big name colleges including the University of Texas, Concordia, and the Texas Heath and Sciences University.

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