What are the Benefits of Using a Austin Staffing Firm?

March 21st, 2014

If your business is looking for talent to fill an existing role or take on something new, have you considered working with a local staffing company? Hiring is a time consuming and expensive process and the wrong decision could lead to bigger problems. The benefits of working with a staffing company can be great for your business. Here are a few of the benefits for working with a local staffing firm.

  • Local pool of skilled candidates. A staffing service is in the very business of sourcing and pre-screening candidates for potential jobs. They have access to hundreds of local job seekers who have a variety of experience. When you contact the agency to discuss your needs they may already know a few candidates they feel would fit your corporate environment and the skill set you are looking for.
  • Access to network. Beyond a pool of existing job seekers, staffing services also build networks with other companies and industries in your area. This gives them the opportunity to find passive job seekers or individuals who might not be actively looking for a job but would change for the right opportunity. You can benefit from the recruiter’s existing network.
  • Understanding of your business. When you initiate a relationship with a staffing company one of their first actions will be visiting your business to find out more about what you do and the types of people already working in your company. This will give them a perspective to help source candidates they feel would be a good long term fit within your organization. You can also work with a company who specializes in your specific industry.
  • Support for the hiring process. The recruiter’s role doesn’t end when an individual has been placed on an assignment. Work with your local staffing company to create temporary to hire opportunities that give you a chance to see a candidate in action before making a final hiring decision. The staffing company can give you direction on salary negotiations or management styles.

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