4 Ways to Find Qualified Industrial Candidates in Austin

April 11th, 2014

Finding qualified industrial and warehouse employees has always been a challenge. In today’s modern world of Facebook and LinkedIn, employers are learning that these are not the places where hands-on workers can be found. Qualified industrial workers are looking for jobs in your community right now, so how do you find them? Here are four ways to locate those employees and bring them on board in your company.

  • Technical schools. The best place to source new industrial employees is with your local technical school. They like to offer their students and recent grads opportunities to work with local businesses to gain real world work experience. Depending on the skills you need for the job, you may be able to set up an apprenticeship program with the school. Create relationships with the programs that best match your business model and access them whenever necessary.
  • Referral programs. Your current employees are one of your very best resources for candidates. Good people refer good people. Offer a referral bonus to employees when you hire anyone they recommend to the job. You may wish to make this contingent on continued employment such as paying the bonus after 30 days on the job.
  • Community resources. Look into local organizations or publications that have large community participation. Finding the right local candidates is about advertising where they already are. Look at local churches and community centers. Advertise with the online editions of your local newspaper. Face to face networking can also help. Establish your business as an industrial employer of choice in your community by becoming involved in local issues and events.
  • Staffing services. A local staffing company has already tapped into the networks that you are trying to establish. Work with a service to help you find new candidates for your opportunities. They can place individuals on your job in a temporary to hire basis so you can learn how they work and determine if they will be a good long-term fit for the company. A staffing service can provide long-term solutions as well as immediate needs and be there as a resource whenever necessary.

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