How to Make Sure Candidates Accept Your Offer

May 16th, 2014

So much advice exists online for job seekers about how and when and why to accept job offers. However there seems to be little information for employers. Business owners and managers want to know that they’ve made the right hiring decision and rejection is just as troubling for them. So how do you make sure a qualified superstar candidate accepts your job? Here are a few tops that can help you.

  • Put your financial information on the table. An intelligent candidate will search for public information about your company before accepting a job offer. They want to know that you’re financially viable or if they may be in danger of being laid off unexpectedly. Be as open as you can about your financial records and the projected growth of your organization. An employee who understands the numbers is in a better position to help the company grow.
  • Manage online branding and social media. A potential employee will search the internet to find out more details about your organization. In today’s hyper-connected world it is extremely important that you manage your online presence. Address negative issues and information online. Write a blog on your website to provide consistent and quality content that will increase your company’s SEO. Spend time interacting with your fans on Facebook in a positive way.
  • Facilitate introductions in the office. Personality matches are one of the most important aspects of the right fit into your company. Introduce your candidates to your team and evaluate the interactions. Look for things in common which could bring them together. It is okay if they aren’t close friends, but they should respect and trust one another.
  • Be transparent about your need. Open communication is valued among job seekers. Don’t try to cover up negative information about the job. Tell why the opportunity is open, good or bad. If a good employee knows your challenges they may be in a better position to improve the role for the company. Your new employee will want to feel they are valued and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Be fair with salary negotiations. This is sometimes the step where job offers fall apart. You should know the budget for this job before you start searching for candidates. Research average salary ranges in your area for these duties. Really listen to what the candidate brings to the table and don’t allow pennies to get in the way of hiring a good employee. An benefits package that includes bonuses, good vacation policies, and other incentives can also provide incentive to take the job.

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