The Cost of a Bad Hire in Austin

May 30th, 2014

Do you know the long term effects of making the wrong hiring decision? Are you prepared to take a risk on someone? The actual cost of a bad hire right here in Austin is greater than just their salary. One bad hiring decision can cost your company money and business and cause irreversible damage to the morale of your current team. Here is a breakdown of what a bad hire can cost your company.

  • Low quality work. A bad hire can affect the quality of your business just by missing steps or cutting corners. These mistakes are often not caught until it is too late to repair any of the damage.
  • Bad attitude. A negative attitude can affect other people in the office right from the start. It can become a burden or cause a dark cloud to hover over your entire team. A bad attitude also affects your customers.
  • Poor attendance. Tardiness for an interview or missing days in the first week or two of work are serious red flags. A pattern of attendance issues will affect the employee’s performance. Other employees will be resentful if you do not take action to solve this problem.
  • Dissatisfied customers. When your new employee begins to affect the satisfaction of your customers the damage may cause long term issues. Even if you correct the issues your client has a new negative impression of your business.
  • Missed deadlines. A missed deadline is the snowball that starts the avalanche. If something isn’t done on time someone else will have to pick up the slack or work may be delayed across the board.
  • Bad teamwork skills. A bad hire may have the biggest impact on your current team. One bad decision can turn otherwise good and productive employees into problems that affect your entire chain of business.

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