How Much Does it Cost to Work With a Staffing Agency in Austin?

June 13th, 2014

Have you been thinking about working with a staffing company to supplement your hiring needs? Local staffing services can work with you to source, screen, and select the right candidate for your long term or short term needs. What goes in to the cost of working with a staffing company? There are many elements that will contribute to your final cost and overall structure. Let’s look at some of the contributing factors that may affect your business with a staffing agency here in Austin.

  • Account type and volume. The more staffing you need, the better the price the staffing service can provide. Account volume will give your partner company an idea of what kind of work they need to do to prescreen and submit individuals for your opportunities. The positions may be administrative or light industrial in nature and require very different skills and experience.
  • Worker’s comp insurance costs. When you work with a staffing company the temporary employee’s workers comp insurance is covered by the organization. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t responsible for the safety of the temps on the job. Your staffing partner will evaluate the risk of working with your company and may adjust rates if the necessary work requires more safety standards.
  • Time to hire. From the moment you first initiate contact with a service they will begin working for you. They may need to meet with you to evaluate your business and environment, determine what background is necessary for your open jobs, and what kind of prescreening tools you require. Some jobs necessitate extended lead times while others can be filled quickly. Your cost may depend on where on the spectrum your business falls.
  • General administrative costs. Ultimately it is important to note that a staffing agency is not a non-profit organization. Not only do they need to cover the costs of the pre-employment checks, the advertising, and the testing they also need to cover the pay range and employment taxes for each employee and earn enough to continue providing quality business to all of their clients. Their rates will typically be a percentage mark up from the employee pay rate which takes all of the administrative costs into account.

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