Work-Life Balance | How to Become an Employer of Choice

July 25th, 2014

As a company, when you’re looking to attract talent, you need to stand out from the competition. Do your employees enjoy their jobs? Do you have issues with attendance or performance? Becoming an employer of choice in the area may make all the difference when you’re trying to hire the right people. Here are a few ways you can focus on work-life balance to be a company people want to work with for their careers.

  • Flexible schedules. It is stunning when we realize that the majority of professional adults spend more time at their jobs than they do with their families. As an employer you can change that dynamic without hurting the profitability of your company. Offer flexible start or end times. Allow some employees to work from home. Offer time off when someone needs it for an emergency at home or an event with their kids. If you manage this correctly you will find that most employees will use this flexibility responsibly and it will improve the overall atmosphere of your company.
  • Health and wellness programs. Work stress and obesity are also causing problems for companies across the US. Bring a health and wellness program into your business. Replace vending machines with healthy options like fruit baskets and water. Bring a yoga instructor in once a month. Start a walking club for lunch hour. You may even be able to offer discounted gym memberships, weight loss programs, or smoking cessation assistance.
  • Open door policy. Your employees want to know that their concerns are being heard. Allow your team to approach you with new ideas, problems, or general feedback. Before dismissing an issue, determine how you can use it to solve a problem within your office. If you have a reputation as a manager who is willing to listen you’ll find that your employees are loyal and new candidates are interested in your opportunities.
  • Social engagement. Occasionally, provide a way for your employees to let off a little steam. Have an ice cream social on Friday afternoon. Host a holiday party every year. You may even choose to schedule a summer weekend getaway. These kinds of social outlets offer everyone on your team to get together casually even if they’re in different departments. It can strengthen interoffice relationships during work hours.
  • Recognitions and rewards. Most of all, you need to ensure that your staff feel appreciated for their accomplishments on the job. Many employees who leave their jobs site dissatisfaction with their managers. Of course, corrections are often necessary but also make sure to focus on the positive things. Provide rewards or some form of recognition for when an employee does a good job.

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