The Top 10 Reasons to Quit – And What to Do After

August 29th, 2014

Some people feel like they have no choice in a tight economy but this is not entirely true. Staying in a bad work situation can be devastating. There are good reasons to quit a job and start looking for a new opportunity. How do you know the difference between a bad day and a reason to quit? Here are the top 10 reasons to quit your job and what you can do after.

  1. The company is losing business rapidly. It is normal for business to ebb and flow throughout the year or even over several years but if you start to notice a long term pattern it may be signaling the end.
  2. You have an extremely poor relationship with your boss. Respect is a cornerstone for a good working relationship. If you do not have respect for your boss or they don’t treat you with respect it will be unlikely to change.
  3. You have a new life situation. Sometimes quitting is unrelated to dissatisfaction. You may have recently had a child or you might be moving to a new city. There are many valid reasons for leaving a job.
  4. Your values don’t match the corporate culture. If you don’t feel the same way about your corporate mission statement as everyone else in the company you may want to rethink your employment. You would be happier at a job with similar values.
  5. You no longer enjoy your job. If you are having trouble getting to work every day or if you’re coming home upset or angry more times than not you may need to rethink your employment.
  6. You have concerns about the company ethics. Unethical behavior on the part of your management team is a really good reason for leaving a company.
  7. You’ve caused a problem with your unprofessional behavior. Unfortunately, the onus may be on you when it comes to leaving the job. If you have made a crucial mistake that is difficult to recover from you may wish to leave on your own terms.
  8. You do not get along with your coworkers. You spend more time with your coworkers than you do your family or friends so it is important that you get along with them.
  9. Your stress level is too high for your health. If your job is making you physically and emotionally sick it may be time to rethink it.
  10. You need more responsibility. If you’re feeling unchallenged in your job it may be time to move on to something that is more engaging for you.

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4 Ways to Screen Candidates Using Social Media

August 22nd, 2014

As a modern employer you are probably interested in using social media to prescreen potential candidates before inviting them for interviews or making job offers. However, there are a lot of concerns about the way to use these sites effectively, legally, and with regard to privacy. Before you get caught in a legal gray area, here are four tips for using social media to screen candidates you’re considering for employment.

  1. Review for grammar and spelling. Twitter is a great place to see the communications styles of potential employees. Are their posts riddled with misspellings or bad grammar? Even within the confines of 140 characters there are ways to communicate that don’t use 4 and U instead of “for” and “you.” Especially if the position requires effective written communication this can be something you at least address with the candidate.
  2. Check for professional background. You do want to see if their resume matches their actual experience. Look on LinkedIn to see past employers and recommendations. Review the dates of employment and see if they match. Any discrepancies should be addressed and the employee needs to be able to provide adequate responses. You may also reach out directly to supervisors.
  3. Don’t use it as a background check. Background checking companies exist to provide services to review the criminal background of potential candidates. These companies are vetted and certified. Googling a candidate’s name will not provide access to reliable information. While arrest records and mug shots are often public they don’t provide the full picture on the guilt or innocence of the individual.
  4. Don’t write off candidates for the wrong reasons. It is also important to view social media as a means to obtain casual information rather than reasons to rule out top candidates. If a candidate is a huge fan of a rival football team you may be tempted to disqualify them for the job but you may also lose out on a perfect employee. Also, keep in mind all of the things that can land you or your company in trouble for discriminatory practices.

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Meador Staffing Services is a Company to Watch: Major Growth Ahead

August 19th, 2014

Meador Adds New Positions to Company Roster to Meet Demand

In order for Meador Staffing to continue to grow and meet the demands of the job market in Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas, President Melinda Torrison has made several major role changes effective this week in the operations of the 46-year-old company.

Valerie Smith, former Pearland Branch Manager, has moved in to the full-time position of Training Director for the entire company. She has been training employees this summer on a part-time basis and it is evident that Meador needs her in this role full time. She will be training with employees throughout the entire company along with handling all operations manuals and policies, coordinating all client seminars, and auditing. Valerie will work out of the corporate office in Pasadena.

Michelle Martinez, former Clear Lake Branch Manager, has been promoted to Regional Manager and will oversee the Austin, Clear Lake, and Pearland offices’ operations. Meador Staffing will not have a branch manager in Clear Lake or Pearland at this time with Michelle overseeing operations as Regional Manager. The company is currently focused on recruiting and hiring a senior staffing consultant for the Pearland office as well as an account manager for the Austin location.

Tamara Stucky, previous Deer Park Branch Manager, has also been promoted to Regional Manager for Meador Staffing, overseeing the operations for Deer Park, The Woodlands, and Pasadena’s temporary division.  Meador Staffing will not have a branch manager in Deer Park or Pasadena at this time with Tamara overseeing operations as Regional Manager. The company is currently focused on recruiting and hiring an office coordinator for the Deer Park location.

Ashley Wright will assume the role of Sales Manager, transitioning from her role as Pasadena Branch Manager. She will work out of the corporate office in Pasadena. Ashley’s role as Sales Manager will consist of the administrative duties affiliated with overseeing Meador’s sales team, as well as lead generation for the company. She will work closely with Vice President Linda Fields and President Melinda Torrison in Meador’s sales efforts and support the company’s strong account manager team.

“Meador Staffing is in transition for growth and excited for the season that lies ahead,” said President Melinda Torrison as she made the changes on August 6th. “Congratulations to our growing team. We are positioning ourselves for great things and believe these changes will allow us to grow.”


About Meador Staffing Services: Since 1968, the team at Meador Staffing has been matching quality candidates with top employers across the United States in direct hire, contract, temporary, and temporary-to-hire arenas. When you partner with Meador, you are joining a family-oriented business, one that has built a legacy and reputation based on quality and service. Our experienced staffing and recruiting professionals are truly dedicated to finding the best solution for your staffing or career goals.

Meador Staffing Services Has First New President Since 1968

August 18th, 2014

Melinda Torrison Promoted to President & Chief Operations Officer

Congratulations are in order for Meador Staffing Services’ former Executive Vice President Melinda Torrison, who has been promoted to President & Chief Operations Officer for the company. Ben Meador, former President, will still remain active in the company as Chairman & CEO.

Melinda joined Meador Staffing full time in 1987 when it was still named Meador-Brady. Prior to coming on board in 1987, she had worked for the company during the summers in several roles, gaining experience in the staffing industry, as well as served in temporary roles for client companies in clerical positions. When she joined Meador-Brady, Melinda started her journey in the role of receptionist, then staffing assistant for the temporary group. Over the past twenty-seven years, she has served in many positions, the most recent being Executive Vice President.

Melinda has served the staffing industry and her community in various leadership roles, including President of the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants (TAPC); President of the Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC); and Vice President of Inter-City Temporary Associates, a national company with 115 affiliate members. Melinda is also recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow by The Rotary Foundation. She received her certification as a Certified Temporary Specialist by the National Association of Personnel Services in 1997.

Based on her activity, networking, and long-time entrenchment in the staffing industry, Melinda has been presented several awards over the years: CTS of the Year in 1992; HAAPC Community Service Award in 1995; Norval Locke Award in 2004.

Melinda is well-prepared to serve as President & Chief Operations Officer.  “I am dedicated to the well-being and best interest of this company and my family, who has created the legacy of serving our communities for the past 46 years,” Melinda shared. She has earned a reputation as a responsible, dependable, and an able leader, and has the respect of her peers and those she leads.  Meador Staffing has the utmost confidence she will be very successful and will have the full support of all of our employees.


About Meador Staffing Services: Since 1968, the team at Meador Staffing has been matching quality candidates with top employers across the United States in direct hire, contract, temporary, and temporary-to-hire arenas. When you partner with Meador, you are joining a family-oriented business, one that has built a legacy and reputation based on quality and service. Our experienced staffing and recruiting professionals are truly dedicated to finding the best solution for your staffing or career goals.

How to Sell Your Leadership Qualities During an Interview

August 15th, 2014

Depending on the type of job you’re searching for you may need to promote your leadership skills specifically on your resume and in an interview. How do you effectively convince a hiring manager about your skills as a leader during an interview? Without the ability to demonstrate on demand there are some things you should be doing to emphasizes leadership on your resume and sell these qualities during an interview. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Know what leadership skills are important to you. Even if you’ve not been in a leadership role before you know what skills and traits you like in managers you’ve had in the past. Which of these skills were most important to you? Evaluate them and determine how they already exist in your personality.
  2. How did you effectively use these skills on the job? These personality traits are essential to who you are as an employee. Even without a management title you’ve undoubtedly used them effectively on the job before. Look at specific situations where these traits helped you perform your job or help others.
  3. Share how your skills can benefit this employer. Now you need to contextualize them for the new potential employer. What kind of company are they and how do these skills and experiences relate to their industry? You always want to be in a position to solve their problem so personalize your answer for them.
  4. What kind of leadership training have you had? Finally, you want to emphasize any training you’ve had to develop leadership skills. Talk about your college experience if it is relevant, any seminars or additional classes you have attended. This will help give them a rounded picture of who you are and demonstrate that you are eager to continue learning to improve your skills with their company.

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Developing Effective Work Relationships

August 8th, 2014

One of the best things you can do for your career is to learn how to effectively manage relationships. It is true that knowing the right people can help you down the right path long term. No matter where you’re working or whether or not it is a short term or long term situation, it is imperative that you develop the right working relationships. Here are a few ways you can maximize relationships throughout your career.

  • Identify solutions rather than problems. It is easy to get caught up in the problems that happen in the office. However, the most effective employees are those who focus on the solutions. During meetings and conversations try not to focus on what went wrong but rather how you can fix it as a team.
  • Take responsibility. Similarly, blaming others for failures is also easier than taking responsibility. When something has gone wrong assess it as objectively as possible and take responsibility for your role in the event. Your management team will appreciate this.
  • Improve your verbal and nonverbal communications skills. Communications can be fickle things. Sometimes emails get misinterpreted or body language can come across with the wrong message all together. Spend some time concentrating on your language skills and make improvements as necessary.
  • Discuss problems before they’re problems. Blindsiding a co-worker or manager with a problem, especially in a group meeting, can backfire. If you see a problem, discuss it immediately with the individuals involved. This will help keep people from feeling attacked unfairly and becoming defensive.
  • Always keep your commitments. When you agree to do something, do it. If for any reason it becomes impossible let the other party know as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.
  • Help nurture and mentor other employees. Taking an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge with other employees will also help improve your inter office relationships. Help a new employee or show a new task to someone who is looking for more in their job.

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