How to Sell Your Leadership Qualities During an Interview

August 15th, 2014

Depending on the type of job you’re searching for you may need to promote your leadership skills specifically on your resume and in an interview. How do you effectively convince a hiring manager about your skills as a leader during an interview? Without the ability to demonstrate on demand there are some things you should be doing to emphasizes leadership on your resume and sell these qualities during an interview. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Know what leadership skills are important to you. Even if you’ve not been in a leadership role before you know what skills and traits you like in managers you’ve had in the past. Which of these skills were most important to you? Evaluate them and determine how they already exist in your personality.
  2. How did you effectively use these skills on the job? These personality traits are essential to who you are as an employee. Even without a management title you’ve undoubtedly used them effectively on the job before. Look at specific situations where these traits helped you perform your job or help others.
  3. Share how your skills can benefit this employer. Now you need to contextualize them for the new potential employer. What kind of company are they and how do these skills and experiences relate to their industry? You always want to be in a position to solve their problem so personalize your answer for them.
  4. What kind of leadership training have you had? Finally, you want to emphasize any training you’ve had to develop leadership skills. Talk about your college experience if it is relevant, any seminars or additional classes you have attended. This will help give them a rounded picture of who you are and demonstrate that you are eager to continue learning to improve your skills with their company.

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