4 Ways to Screen Candidates Using Social Media

August 22nd, 2014

As a modern employer you are probably interested in using social media to prescreen potential candidates before inviting them for interviews or making job offers. However, there are a lot of concerns about the way to use these sites effectively, legally, and with regard to privacy. Before you get caught in a legal gray area, here are four tips for using social media to screen candidates you’re considering for employment.

  1. Review for grammar and spelling. Twitter is a great place to see the communications styles of potential employees. Are their posts riddled with misspellings or bad grammar? Even within the confines of 140 characters there are ways to communicate that don’t use 4 and U instead of “for” and “you.” Especially if the position requires effective written communication this can be something you at least address with the candidate.
  2. Check for professional background. You do want to see if their resume matches their actual experience. Look on LinkedIn to see past employers and recommendations. Review the dates of employment and see if they match. Any discrepancies should be addressed and the employee needs to be able to provide adequate responses. You may also reach out directly to supervisors.
  3. Don’t use it as a background check. Background checking companies exist to provide services to review the criminal background of potential candidates. These companies are vetted and certified. Googling a candidate’s name will not provide access to reliable information. While arrest records and mug shots are often public they don’t provide the full picture on the guilt or innocence of the individual.
  4. Don’t write off candidates for the wrong reasons. It is also important to view social media as a means to obtain casual information rather than reasons to rule out top candidates. If a candidate is a huge fan of a rival football team you may be tempted to disqualify them for the job but you may also lose out on a perfect employee. Also, keep in mind all of the things that can land you or your company in trouble for discriminatory practices.

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