The Top 10 Reasons to Quit – And What to Do After

August 29th, 2014

Some people feel like they have no choice in a tight economy but this is not entirely true. Staying in a bad work situation can be devastating. There are good reasons to quit a job and start looking for a new opportunity. How do you know the difference between a bad day and a reason to quit? Here are the top 10 reasons to quit your job and what you can do after.

  1. The company is losing business rapidly. It is normal for business to ebb and flow throughout the year or even over several years but if you start to notice a long term pattern it may be signaling the end.
  2. You have an extremely poor relationship with your boss. Respect is a cornerstone for a good working relationship. If you do not have respect for your boss or they don’t treat you with respect it will be unlikely to change.
  3. You have a new life situation. Sometimes quitting is unrelated to dissatisfaction. You may have recently had a child or you might be moving to a new city. There are many valid reasons for leaving a job.
  4. Your values don’t match the corporate culture. If you don’t feel the same way about your corporate mission statement as everyone else in the company you may want to rethink your employment. You would be happier at a job with similar values.
  5. You no longer enjoy your job. If you are having trouble getting to work every day or if you’re coming home upset or angry more times than not you may need to rethink your employment.
  6. You have concerns about the company ethics. Unethical behavior on the part of your management team is a really good reason for leaving a company.
  7. You’ve caused a problem with your unprofessional behavior. Unfortunately, the onus may be on you when it comes to leaving the job. If you have made a crucial mistake that is difficult to recover from you may wish to leave on your own terms.
  8. You do not get along with your coworkers. You spend more time with your coworkers than you do your family or friends so it is important that you get along with them.
  9. Your stress level is too high for your health. If your job is making you physically and emotionally sick it may be time to rethink it.
  10. You need more responsibility. If you’re feeling unchallenged in your job it may be time to move on to something that is more engaging for you.

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