3 Ways to Prep For Your First Day at Work

September 5th, 2014


You sent out resume after resume, interviewed until you thought you couldn’t talk about yourself for one more second, and faced plenty of rejection. Finally, you got that job offer and you’re excited to start a new opportunity with a new business. Your time to make a great, professional impression is not over. Your first day is a time to demonstrate to your supervisor, your teammates, and yourself that you are the perfect person for this job. Here are three things you can do on your first day to make a great impression.

  1. Don’t be late. Before you actually start the job you should make sure that you have your transportation and commute figured out. You may have already been to the office for an interview but the drive may be quite different during rush hour traffic. Make sure you have enough gas, you’ve maintained your car to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, and that you can be to the company at least 15 minutes early. Have a backup plan in place just in case. Being late on your first day will be an immediate red flag for your new employer and they may question if they’ve made the right decision.
  2. Know the dress code. At your interview observe the dress code in the office. Ask the hiring manager about policies and see if there is anything specific in the employee hand book. Even if a company is casual it doesn’t mean that sloppy clothes are okay. Plan your first day outfit the night before just like you did when you were in elementary school. Make sure nothing is stained or damaged. Err on the side of professional the first day so you can get a better feel for the office culture. Wear comfortable shoes because you may be touring the office.
  3. Bring a notebook and ask questions. There is a lot of training that goes into onboarding a new employee. Your supervisor and your coworkers will need to show you not only how to do your job in their office but also about the company culture and other intangible things about the company. Have a notebook and a pen on you at all times so you can write down things as you learn them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for clarification on certain items so you can get them right the first time.

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