How to Locate Top Talent

October 24th, 2014

When your seeking new employees for your business do you know the best places to look? Some of the answers may surprise you. Locating top talent is a skill that requires constant attention. It isn’t something that can be done spur of the moment. Hiring is a game that takes practice so it is important to know when, where, and how to locate stellar candidates. Here are a few insider tips for locating and hiring top talent for your company.

  • Look when you don’t have a need. Many companies make the mistake of searching for a new employee once they already have a desperate emergency in the office. This leads to poor hiring choices. Instead, consider all of the people you meet along the way and how they may be a strategic part of your operations in the future.
  • See value in online networking. So many people ignore social media but it is becoming more and more prevalent when it comes to hiring decisions. Develop your own profiles on social media, especially LinkedIn. This can attract people to review your information on the site and ask for connections. Within these connections may be great candidates for future jobs. Get involved in online groups based on your industry or location.
  • Work with a staffing provider. A recruiter is trained to locate and pre-screen top talent based on their client’s specific needs. When you develop a relationship with a staffing provider you are giving yourself access to their talent pool. They will have you in mind when they are speaking with candidates even when you don’t have an opening position. This means when you do call with a need they are likely to have someone available or be able to track down the perfect candidate for your opportunity.

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3 Tips for Onboarding Temps

October 17th, 2014

Temporary employees are not the same as your full time staff. The process for bringing a new temp into a company is often overlooked with dire consequences. They are expected to hit the ground running but are given little to no direction to make that happen. The success of the project may depend on a temporary employee’s ability to become part of your team even for a short time. Here are three tips that can help get a new temp off on the right foot.

  • Inform your staff. Your current team can make or break a temporary employee’s experience. Before the temp’s first day discuss the new addition with your staff. Explain who will be starting, what they are doing, and how long they will be there. Temps can also feel threatening to some permanent employees. You can also assure your staff that the temp is not there to take anyone’s jobs. Assure them that the new employee is there to make their jobs easier.
  • Communicate with all parties. One of the biggest mistakes managers make with temp employees is to not talk to them about their performance and not discuss any issues with the recruiter until it is too late. It is perfectly okay to talk to a temp about how they are doing. Provide good feedback as well as constructive criticism. Talk your account manager at the staffing company if you need any help dealing with your temp employee.
  • Assign a mentor. One way to encourage corporation with the temp employee is to ask a current team member to act as a mentor within in the company. This will be the temp’s go to person for questions. They can answer anything from information about the office to key questions about the project.

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4 Ways to Highlight Your Experience on Your Resume

October 10th, 2014

Your resume is your first impression on any hiring manager. You want to make sure you effectively convey your experience and focus in just one document that is usually confined to two pages. So how can you highlight all of your experience on a resume? Here are 4 ways to showcase what you know and get a call back.

  1. Match your resume to the employer’s needs. Before you ever submit a resume to a job ensure that it is customized to the specific employer. You want to use their job posting as a template and use keywords that match what they are looking for. Do this in a naturally sounding way. Also, create a cover letter that introduces yourself, your skills, and why you want to work with this company to send with your resume.
  2. Use action words. A resume needs to sound dynamic. When you’re writing about what you do don’t fall back on passive words. Instead of “Worked in retail” say “provided exemplary customer services skills throughout the holiday season with a record sales for our department.” Use words like managed, developed, lead, organized, and created. These show not only what you did but what your role was in the greater organization.
  3. Provide data and details. In conjunction with action words you need to provide data to back your information up. When you say you had record sales indicate the number. You may not remember exact figures but you can come close without exaggerating much. Include information on money, hours, innovations, and anything else that you can quantify.
  4. Focus on long term goals. Employers want to hire someone who is looking for a career rather than any job. They want to know what you plan to do with your future. You need to paint a picture that includes their company in your future plans. Explain why you want to work specifically for your company.

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