How to Locate Top Talent

October 24th, 2014

When your seeking new employees for your business do you know the best places to look? Some of the answers may surprise you. Locating top talent is a skill that requires constant attention. It isn’t something that can be done spur of the moment. Hiring is a game that takes practice so it is important to know when, where, and how to locate stellar candidates. Here are a few insider tips for locating and hiring top talent for your company.

  • Look when you don’t have a need. Many companies make the mistake of searching for a new employee once they already have a desperate emergency in the office. This leads to poor hiring choices. Instead, consider all of the people you meet along the way and how they may be a strategic part of your operations in the future.
  • See value in online networking. So many people ignore social media but it is becoming more and more prevalent when it comes to hiring decisions. Develop your own profiles on social media, especially LinkedIn. This can attract people to review your information on the site and ask for connections. Within these connections may be great candidates for future jobs. Get involved in online groups based on your industry or location.
  • Work with a staffing provider. A recruiter is trained to locate and pre-screen top talent based on their client’s specific needs. When you develop a relationship with a staffing provider you are giving yourself access to their talent pool. They will have you in mind when they are speaking with candidates even when you don’t have an opening position. This means when you do call with a need they are likely to have someone available or be able to track down the perfect candidate for your opportunity.

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