3 Ways to Follow Up if a Job is on Hold

November 7th, 2014

Internal decisions can be just as confusing for an open job as the interviewing process. Sometimes, even after an interview, a job seeker can find out that a job is on hold. It may be due to budget concerns or a hiring freeze established by a corporate office after the job was advertised. In any case a job on hold can be as frustrated for the hiring manager as it can be for the job seeker. If you’ve been told a job is on hold there are some things you can do to follow up the right way.

  1. Email. While some people prefer to talk on the phone the best way to connect with the hiring your interviewer is by email. This way you aren’t perceived as pestering. The hiring manager isn’t happy about this decision as well but they also have their job to do. Send a professional email asking about why it was put on hold and if there is an expectation that it will reopen. And don’t expect an answer right away; they may simply not have one. Use the “read receipt” function in your email client to ensure that the message was received.
  2. Reiterate. When you do email let them know that you’re checking in on the job and offer additional information that will get their attention. You may share something that didn’t come up in the interview that demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in this opportunity. You want them to remember you when they get the go ahead to hire for this job again.
  3. Keep going. Even if this job was perfect for you don’t stop your search and lose momentum. Keep looking for other jobs. You never know what can happen and it is possible that this job will never return even if the manager wants it to. Continue your search as you wait and give this job a time frame to stop following up.

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