4 Benefits to Working with a Texas Recruiter

November 21st, 2014

If you’re in the market for a new job you may not have thought about contacting a local recruiter. All too often recruiters and staffing agencies have received an unfair negative reputation but staffing services also help thousands of people every year find jobs. There is no obligation and a recruiter is simply another potential resource for finding a new position. Here are four benefits of working with a Texas recruiter.

  1. They work with local companies who do not advertise. Many companies take their open jobs directly to staffing agencies before they advertise in the local market. This means that people who work with recruiters will have a first shot at a new job.
  2. They can match you to an opportunity that fits your skills and personality. Recruiters are trained to pre-screen employees to determine the perfect match between an employer and a candidate. Success with a new job is about more than just skills, it is also important that you fit in with the current employees and office environment. The recruiter will take the time to get to know both aspects before submitting your information.
  3. They can offer short term work while you’re looking. Most people, when they have the option, are willing to work short term jobs to make some extra money while they wait for the right full time position to become available. Working on a temporary basis also gives you a chance to prove your reliability and skills to the recruiter who will then be more likely to recommend you to their clients.
  4. They can help sell your resume to their clients. In most traditional situations companies advertise their jobs and candidates send resumes. This means that sometimes clients have hundreds or resumes to review and don’t have the time to do it. Most resumes will go ignored. A staffing company will be able to submit only the top candidates and tell the client why these individuals were hand-selected.

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