How To Improve Employee Retention

December 19th, 2014

Today’s business climate is highly competitive. Companies need to work hard at retaining their star employees and keeping them happy and engaged. As the job market opens up, job seekers will have more choices and be less inclined to stay in jobs they dislike. Employers must take ownership of initiatives that provide career growth and training. Here are a few ideas to you can implement this year to keep your employees engaged in 2015 and beyond.

  1. Improve your onboarding procedures. Did you know that a certain percentage of employees quit before 90 days on the job? These disgruntled employees indicate that poor training trouble with the company culture are their primary reasons for leaving. Create an excellent onboarding program to encourage new employees to feel more comfortable with the company as well as their specific job. Train them on their new job duties as well as your corporate culture, values, and mission. Offer a mentorship program where your seasoned employees help new hires become more acclimated to your environment.
  2. Provide regular feedback. Because dissatisfied employees often leave before the end of their first 90 days, waiting until a 3 month review before providing feedback is ineffective. Provide detailed feedback to them as they learn the job. If there are issues in need of correction, inform the employee and gently encourage them in the right direction. Of course, feedback shouldn’t be reserved for negative situations. Always provide positive reinforcement to encourage them to want to continue to do a good job. Employees don’t like to feel as though the only time their boss communicates with them is when something goes wrong.
  3. Offer incentives and rewards for good work. Recognition of a job well done is probably the most powerful motivator in the office. But these aren’t the only ways to encourage your staff. Offer gym memberships, flexible schedules, and additional personal days. Employees consider these some of the best incentives for being satisfied with a company. Implement programs to improve employee retention as well as enhance your business over all and continue to attract superstar employees when you need them.

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