Which Machinist Do You Promote? How To Tell Someone Is Ready For A Promotion

January 9th, 2015

The manufacturing industry isn’t exactly known for being competitive. In fact, most employees are happy to get their hands dirty, do their work, and go home to spend time with their families while not thinking about work again until the next day. In many other industries, such as finance or technology, the method for promoting individuals comes from their contribution and drive. But how do you apply this to machine operators or other industrial workers? Here are a few ways to tell if someone is ready for a promotion.

  • Their production numbers are high. In a production based environment the most important metric is output. What is the production value at their station compared to others in the warehouse?
  • They put in a little extra effort. You want to look for someone who is willing to go above and beyond. Maybe cleaning the workstation isn’t their job but they do it anyway. Maybe they take a little extra time to ensure things are not just complete but perfect.
  • They create solutions rather than file complaints. Complaints are common in a production environment. However, you want to look for the person in the facility who takes a proactive approach and solves problems on their own.
  • They share their experience with others. Some people are natural born leaders and trainers. Is there someone in the warehouse who is willing to take some time to show others how to do the job more efficiently even if they aren’t expected to train?
  • They continuously want to learn new things. You also want to watch for someone who is always willing to learn new things. Did anyone volunteer when a new project was introduced? Does someone ask you about safety training or other career advancement tools?
  • They want a promotion. Finally, you want to promote the person in your department who is most interested in being promoted. Some people are perfectly content in their current roles and will be unhappy with added responsibility. You want to promote the ones who thrive in that environment.

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