Why It’s Important To Include A Cover Letter With Your Resume

January 16th, 2015

Many job seekers make the mistake of ignoring the cover letter. Hiring managers are often lucky if the email they receive has any more than just the attached resume. However, there are multiple reasons you should be including a cover letter and not having one could be the only thing standing in your way. Here are the reasons it is important to include a cover letter with your resume.

  • It provides an incentive to read the resume. An attachment in an email could be a resume or it could be a red flag or virus. You need to let the recruiter know what it is they are opening. They are not likely to open an attachment on a blank email from an unknown address. You can also provide a short introduction of yourself to encourage them to learn more.
  • You can customize your message to the employer. Your resume may be somewhat customized to the client, but a resume is still fairly generic. You want to tailor your cover letter to the company’s specific needs. Use information from the job posting, the company’s own language, and position your experience as a solution to a problem they have.
  • Remind them of your contact information. Your resume will, of course, have your contact information but it never hurts to remind the reader. In your final paragraph of the cover letter be sure to let them know the best ways to contact you and share your phone number or email address again. If it is in the body of the message they are very likely to pick up the phone or respond immediately.
  • Offer to follow up. You may also want to mention in the cover letter that you will follow up with them by the end of the week if you haven’t heard. However, this is a technique that you want to be very careful with. You don’t want to cross the line from persistent to aggressive. However, a quick email to remind them and see where they are in the process can job their memory and convince them to call you.

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