Why Didn’t I Get the Job after the Interview?

October 29th, 2015

You interviewed and you thought you nailed it. So why haven’t they called you back to offer you the job? After a long, frustrating job search it can be devastating to feel rejected. Before you take this frustration out on the next unsuspecting interviewer, you would benefit from learning some ways to constructively handle the situation. Here are some of the reasons you might not have been offered the job and what you can do to improve your chances in the future.

You didn’t thank them.

Of course, you should say thank you when you’re shaking their hand and leaving the office, but that might not be enough. As soon as you get home from the meeting, send over a quick thank-you note. This can either be an email that recaps your discussion and restates your interest, or a hand-written note that you drop in the mail. Either technique will give the interviewer a positive lasting impression.

Your negativity got in the way.

The interview isn’t just reviewing your skills when they meet with you, they want to understand your attitude. Too many job seekers let their frustrations show at exactly the wrong time. You may have answered questions about your last job in a way that raised the red flags. Instead, show them confidence and positivity in your answers.

You didn’t do your homework.

As a job candidate you can’t expect to just show up to the interview and get the job, you need to do some work too. You need to demonstrate not only that you are interested in the position but that you know exactly why. Learn as much as you can about the company before you arrive so you can frame your answers better. The company’s website and LinkedIn are good places to start.

You didn’t hit it off.

The interviewer is also trying to hire someone they believe will be a good match for their company culture, and that might not be you. If the interviewer didn’t feel a personal connection, they may decide on another candidate. You don’t really have much control over this, but know that if the environment wasn’t right, you may be better off continuing your job search elsewhere.

You didn’t ask any questions.

“So, do you have any questions for me?” This is not a rhetorical question. Far too many job seekers answer with no. In fact, the best way to mitigate this is to avoid having this question asked all together. The entire job interview conversation should be a give and take. They want to know you are interested, have done your homework, and want to know more. But don’t ask too many questions either. Let the conversation feel natural.

You didn’t listen.

There are several ways an interviewer might notice your lack of attention. They may ask a question but your answer doesn’t really fit the subject. They may feel that you didn’t get the question or that you aren’t paying attention. People have a habit of listening only long enough to formulate a response, but that means we might miss out on some other important information. Improve your listening skills and you may improve your chances.

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