Here’s What NOT to Ask in Your Next Job Interview

January 28th, 2016

You’ve been told that you should have questions for the interviewer when you’re looking for a job. While it’s great to have a lot of questions prepared, did you know that there are some questions you should never ask? While you prepare for your interview, consider these questions to avoid.

  1. Tell me more about the company.

    If you don’t know what the company even does you have no business interviewing with them. This is the most basic information you can acquire for yourself before the interview. This question will be an immediate red flag for the interviewer. They’ll assume that you don’t pay attention to detail or aren’t willing to put the work into learning. Framing this question in a better light “Tell me more about this new initiative” shows you did some research on the company’s website or in the news sources.

  2. Does the company monitor computer usage?

    When you ask if a company does a thing, then it demonstrates that you’re worried about that thing. Companies have the legal right to monitor their computers and other property. By asking about this technique, you’re admitting guilt to misuse of equipment before you even start the job. You will not get hired.

  3. When can I get a promotion?

    Most companies encourage employee career growth, but you won’t qualify right away. If they believe that you view this job as a “foot in the door” or a stepping stone, they will be worried that you’ll abandon ship before you finish your first year. If you really don’t want this job, don’t apply for it.

  4. How much does this job pay?

    A first interview is not the right time to talk about money. Even if they ask, let them know that you want to look at the numbers and talk about it later in the process so you can discuss the options. If you ask about money in the first meeting they will rightfully assume that the pay is all you care about.

  5. Do you run drug screens or background checks?

    By asking if they test for drugs or if they run a background check, then you are admitting that you have concern for the results. It is best to assume that every company will perform these checks, even if they don’t. That being said, the company must also provide you the results of these tests so you are able to review the problems and provide mitigating details of they apply.

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When Is It the Right Move to Hire a Boomerang Worker?

January 21st, 2016

Have you ever heard the term boomerang worker? This is someone who, for whatever reason, decided to leave your organization and, after a period of time, ask to come back to work for you again. There may be dozens of potential reasons that they left in the first place and just as many that led them to back to the table. For employees who were originally the right fit for your company, when do you consider bringing them back into your organizations? Here are five reasons to consider.

1. Easy to reintegrate to company culture.

The biggest benefit of bringing someone back who left the company is that they already understand not only the job but the corporate culture. There will be little training in terms of integrating them into the office environment. They will be able to, for the most part, pick up where they left off and get right down to business in their official role.

2. Incorporate their new skills in your business.

What did they do in the time since they left your company? They may have worked in a job or for a competitor that taught them skills you can now incorporate into your own business. Use their increased experience to your advantage. That could be a main reason they left your company. The employee wanted to learn new skills they wouldn’t easily learn. Now, they want to return to your great culture and use their newly acquired skills.

3. Bring back a sense of excitement.

Bringing back a favorite employee can help boost morale in the office. Not everyone leaves for negative reasons, but their departure can impact the rest of the staff. When someone returns, it is like a homecoming for everyone. Your staff will be delighted to see their former co-worker back in the office. Even new employees can’t help but react to the positivity.

4. Reinforce company loyalty.

Hiring someone back does something else to the team mentality of the business. It will demonstrate that you are still loyal to people who do well for you in the company. You hire someone back because they were a good employee at the time, and you allowed them to pursue other interests. You reinforce that when someone leaves, you don’t just stab them in the back or erase their memory.

5. Save money on the hiring process.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits for hiring a former employee back is to eliminate all of the cost of recruiting. You won’t need to review resumes, conduct interviews, do references or any of the other trappings that come with hiring a new candidate. You will also save time and money on the training process since it will be faster for them to get up to speed in their new role.

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Be Careful with These Areas When Negotiating a Job Offer

January 14th, 2016

Negotiating a new job salary and benefits package can be terrifying. What if you ask for the wrong thing? What if they can’t commit to your needs? What if you screw up your chances at this job? Before you enter in negotiations, it is critical that you are careful with certain aspects of the process. Here are three things you need to be cautious about when speaking with a potential employer about money and benefits.

  1. Don’t let greed take over.

    Of course you want to be paid top dollar for your next position, but it is important to be realistic. Before you allow yourself to make an outrageous demand, do your research. Some good sources are the Bureau of Labor Statistics and to look into what the job pays in your area. You can search by job title and location, and it will give you the median income as well as the scale, benefits and other information you will need to put together an appropriate request. Use this information to calculate the minimum you could make that will allow you to pay your bills, live comfortably and set aside savings. This is called your “walk away number.” If, in your negotiations, the employer offers that amount or less, thank them for their time and walk away. Otherwise, there is room for negotiation. You want to get fair value but you don’t want to be greedy.

  2. Don’t take too long to make a decision.

    You certainly don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, but if you’ve received a job offer, the ball is officially in your court. If you wait too long to make a decision, you risk missing out on the opportunity all together. It is okay to ask for a day to discuss the opportunity with your family and do more research, but any more than that and you’re just stringing the employer along. If you really don’t think you will take the job, be honest with them as quickly as possible.

  3. Don’t push non-negotiables.

    Lastly, make sure that you fight the right battles. For example, they may have some wiggle room with the salary itself, but they may not be able to offer a different form of healthcare coverage. There are some things that can be negotiable, but you have to ask and if you are refused, don’t push. For example, if having additional personal time off is important to you, ask about that in lieu of a higher salary. If they can accommodate, they will. If they tell you they are unable to handle your request, you need to politely back off. Being difficult in negotiations only sets a negative tone for your employment with the company. Both sides want to reach the same outcome, so don’t set a bad tone before you sign on the dotted line.

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Land the Best New Hires Before They Graduate

January 7th, 2016

January seems like a strange time to think about hiring new college graduates since they won’t be out of school until the spring. But, now is actually the perfect time! Young professionals are concerned about their job prospects and many would love to have a role locked down before they graduate. Companies can take advantage of this drive by the top students and ensure they are top employees in the future. Here are the best ways companies can find and hire talented college students for upcoming jobs.

Contact the career center.

Colleges, tech schools, and universities have a vested interest in ensuring that their graduates are gainfully employed. If you partner with the career centers of local schools that match your industry, you will have instant access to students who will be graduating each semester. The college can even help match you up with their superstar students and facilitate interviews.

Use Twitter.

Millennials are using Twitter to connect with employers so it is important to be there when they come looking for you. They are even using the microblogging site much more than Facebook, which is more popular for Generation X and older. Create a professional presence on Twitter and create engaging content to attract great candidates. Use relevant hashtags to have your content and job postings be found during searches by potential jobseekers.

Participate in a job fair.

Students are encouraged to participate in local job fairs to get an idea of the job market and practice their elevator speeches and interviewing techniques. This is a great place to see what kind of talent will be available after graduation. You can invite the students that impress you most to further interviewing at your company.

Host an open house.

Another way to attract the best candidates to your office is to host an open house. Partner with the local school to invite students that are part of the program most closely aligned with your business. Cater some snacks (what college student doesn’t want free food), talk to them about what it is you do, and allow them to meet the rest of the staff. You will be able to see which students are really dedicated to finding a great job after they graduate.

Search for blogs.

Lastly, many businesses are utilizing the blogosphere to find talent and industry leaders. While your average student isn’t a thought leader yet, reading their career-related blogs will help you determine who has the most potential. If someone is truly interested in becoming an expert in their field, their content will reflect it and demonstrate how they could fit in with your organization.

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