Land the Best New Hires Before They Graduate

January 7th, 2016

January seems like a strange time to think about hiring new college graduates since they won’t be out of school until the spring. But, now is actually the perfect time! Young professionals are concerned about their job prospects and many would love to have a role locked down before they graduate. Companies can take advantage of this drive by the top students and ensure they are top employees in the future. Here are the best ways companies can find and hire talented college students for upcoming jobs.

Contact the career center.

Colleges, tech schools, and universities have a vested interest in ensuring that their graduates are gainfully employed. If you partner with the career centers of local schools that match your industry, you will have instant access to students who will be graduating each semester. The college can even help match you up with their superstar students and facilitate interviews.

Use Twitter.

Millennials are using Twitter to connect with employers so it is important to be there when they come looking for you. They are even using the microblogging site much more than Facebook, which is more popular for Generation X and older. Create a professional presence on Twitter and create engaging content to attract great candidates. Use relevant hashtags to have your content and job postings be found during searches by potential jobseekers.

Participate in a job fair.

Students are encouraged to participate in local job fairs to get an idea of the job market and practice their elevator speeches and interviewing techniques. This is a great place to see what kind of talent will be available after graduation. You can invite the students that impress you most to further interviewing at your company.

Host an open house.

Another way to attract the best candidates to your office is to host an open house. Partner with the local school to invite students that are part of the program most closely aligned with your business. Cater some snacks (what college student doesn’t want free food), talk to them about what it is you do, and allow them to meet the rest of the staff. You will be able to see which students are really dedicated to finding a great job after they graduate.

Search for blogs.

Lastly, many businesses are utilizing the blogosphere to find talent and industry leaders. While your average student isn’t a thought leader yet, reading their career-related blogs will help you determine who has the most potential. If someone is truly interested in becoming an expert in their field, their content will reflect it and demonstrate how they could fit in with your organization.

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