Help Your Job Chances with These Post-Interview Actions

February 12th, 2016

Now that you’ve successfully interviewed, the ball is in their court, right? Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some things you can do as a job candidate to increase your chances of landing the job. If you sit back idly, then your competitors for the job might be more active, and you’ll be edged out of a job that might be perfect for you. Before you sit by the phone and wait for your interviewer to call, here are some things you can do after the interview to improve your odds and continue to make a great impression.

Ask them about the next steps.

Before you even leave the interview, ask the potential employer what the next steps are in the hiring process. They will be able to give you an idea of when they want to make a hiring decision or how may more interviews they have. Don’t think that this question is asking for too much information as  it is an accepted part of the job search process. This can help you determine the best ways to follow up moving forward so you don’t position yourself as aggressive or pushy.

Get business cards from everyone you meet.

Also, don’t forget to gather business cards. If the hiring manager doesn’t hand you one out of habit, ask for it. Make sure you ask for one from everyone you speak with in the office, regardless of their role. It doesn’t hurt to get one from the front desk receptionist as well. Having as much contact information as possible will make follow-up correspondence much easier.

Send a thank-you note.

The first thing you should do when you get home is send a thank-you note. You have two options here. You can send a handwritten note through the mail, or you can send an email a few hours after the interview. Either is fine, but an email will be more immediate. You can also use this as a way to add something you may have forgotten to mention. Thank the interviewer(s) for their time and reiterate why you want to work with them.

Follow up one more time.

Finally, set a time to follow up with the company one last time. Based on the information they gave you about when they planned to make a decision, call the hiring manager or send an additional email checking on the position and their decision. This will put you at the top of their mind when they do consider their final decision and you may get the call back for going the extra mile. It’s a delicate balance between appearing desperate and excited about the job, and each company may view follow-up correspondence differently. Use your experience and instincts on how to proceed.

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