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Your Staffing and Recruiting Partner in Houston and Across the United States

Meador Staffing Services has stood by the mission of subscribing to the highest professional and ethical standards since the company was founded by Ben Meador and Gene Brady in 1968 as Meador-Brady Personnel Services. We are deliberate in our pursuit of excellence by providing quality service to candidates and employers relative to temporary staffing, contract staffing, direct hire placement, and recruiting.

We work diligently to identify and unite teams of talented and inspirational individuals within our organization to bring a synergy of helping job seekers and client organizations to reach their objectives. Through these teams, we focus on presenting a path to opportunity and success by applying biblical standards and values to support all of those that we serve.

We have always had a heart for the community and its people. Allowing and encouraging our employees to serve and support their local, state and national industry, civic, and charitable organizations helps build stronger communities.

At Meador Staffing Services, you are more than a candidate or client – you’re a member of our family. The Meador family encompasses many more than those who carry our last name. It’s a way of thinking that has helped us to become a leading staffing provider in the United States.

Approaching the fiftieth year since the inception of the company, Meador Staffing Services continues to acknowledge that the success and honor of serving has been a gift from the community and its people who have been the inspiration to all of its goals and achievements.

Our Mission

Meador Staffing Services subscribes to the highest ethical and professional standards in managing a diversified and profitable human resource firm.

We are engaged in providing excellence and quality service to candidates and employers relative to temporary staffing, contract staffing, direct hire placement, and recruiting.

We have stood by our mission since 1968, and it inspires our corporate vision.

Our Vision

Meador Staffing Services will be the leader in staffing excellence.

We will empower and motivate our candidates and employees to achieve their career goals by providing support, guidance, and accountability as a trusted career partner. We will define and raise their expectations, encouraging them to have an insatiable desire to acquire knowledge, as well as a passion for people, learning, innovation, and continuous career and personal growth.

We will provide our customers with service that exonerates integrity, honesty, and dedication as we help them place the right people in the right jobs within their organization.

We will conduct our work using Biblical principles as the foundation for our behavior and actions.

Our Values

  • Principle: We conduct our business and honor our professional behavior and actions under Biblical principles and ideals.
  • People: Our passion. We are motivated to place the right people in the right jobs.
  • Vision: We accomplish our decision making by thinking and considering the big-picture idea, taking into account both present and future contexts.
  • Passion: We are guided by this emotion in our every-day work, adhering to the truth that we do what we do for our love and desire to help others succeed.
  • Excellence: We maintain and cultivate high expectations in our workplace, and do our best to help those we work with recognize and perform to their highest potential.
  • Integrity: We honor the principles and foundation by which we work, and in doing so always try to do right by every individual we work with.
  • Responsibility: Guided by our mission and vision, we have a sense of duty to our candidates and customers to find the right match to their career and company aspirations.
  • Accountability: We foster high expectations of excellence and hold each employee responsible to that commitment. We are also held accountable by our customers to provide excellent service in all we do.

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