10th Anniversary of Hurricane Ike

September 13th, 2018

Ten years ago today, our Pasadena Corporate office and Deer Park location sustained serious damage from Hurricane Ike .


Living up to our core values of having a heart for the people and community and sense of duty to our candidates and clients, our team came together to create small miracles in the midst of our own trials.



  • Our CEO and others worked in the lobby/reception area of the Teleworld Staffing office
  • Our Pasadena Temporary Hiring division worked in the Clear Lake office from a conference room table
  • Our Direct Hire team relocated to our Pearland office
  • Our staff support team worked in a warehouse
  • A new employee with the Deer Park team and found herself learning on the job. She even invited the Deer Park team to come to her house and work from her kitchen table
  • We even set up a tent in the parking lot of the office to hand out paychecks to our temporary employees

It took us 9 months to move back in. This speaks to the tenacity, concern for the community, and dedication to others that our employees show us on a daily basis. We are so thankful for such a wonderful team!

We are praying for those on the west coast who are awaiting Hurricane Florence. Stay safe!

Appreciating your hard work on Labor Day

September 3rd, 2018

Meador Staffing Labor Day

We have to admit, some of us miiiight have slept in a little on Labor Day. Despite the dreary weather, some of you are still out there working, though. To you, to our own teams who dedicate themselves to our clients and candidates, to all of you who work so hard to build your own version of the American Dream each day, we thank you!

Enjoy your day, relax a little if you can, and be safe in the rain!

Get Yourself Ready for Your First Post-College Job

May 15th, 2015

Your first job out of college may be the most important step on your career path. It can set the tone for everything in your future so you want to ensure that you are set up for success. If you’ve graduated this year and are looking for your first professional job out of college, here are some ideas to get you started. The more prepared you are then the better you will be in this job and in all of your future jobs.

Prepare your image.

They say dress for the job you want not the job you have. When you’re applying for your first jobs out of college, you need to make an impression. There is a perception of young people in the corporate world, and it is important you don’t play into any negative stereotypes. Choose an interviewing wardrobe that is professional, clean, and tailored. And even if you get hired in a casual environment, keep up your professional standards. There’s no reason to stand out from the crowd but when you dress well, then you will fit in and gain respect of your co-workers.

Meet your employer’s expectations.

When you land that first job, the most important thing you can do is prove to your employer that you were worth hiring. Not only should you meet their expectations but try to exceed them at every chance you get. Make the best first impression as well as second and third impressions. Just doing enough will allow you to keep your job but won’t do anything to help with your career progression. This will blaze the trail for your career in this company.

Learn new things every day.

Just because you’re out of college doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Successful people say that the key to their success is that they continue to learn new things each and every day. This can be in the context of the job itself or just acquiring new knowledge in general. Don’t stop reading and don’t stop learning. Blog articles and podcasts make that simple. Listening to co-workers or mentors also will provide valuable information.

Always stay positive.

Finally, your success after graduation is largely dependent on your overall attitude. Confidence and positivity go much farther than arrogance and negativity when it comes to creating a professional identity for yourself after college. Maintain a upbeat attitude and try not to let negativity influence your overall performance.

Are you ready to start your first post-college job? Meador Staffing is hiring for jobs in Pasadena TX and other locations so call today!

Meador Staffing Services is a Company to Watch: Major Growth Ahead

August 19th, 2014

Meador Adds New Positions to Company Roster to Meet Demand

In order for Meador Staffing to continue to grow and meet the demands of the job market in Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas, President Melinda Torrison has made several major role changes effective this week in the operations of the 46-year-old company.

Valerie Smith, former Pearland Branch Manager, has moved in to the full-time position of Training Director for the entire company. She has been training employees this summer on a part-time basis and it is evident that Meador needs her in this role full time. She will be training with employees throughout the entire company along with handling all operations manuals and policies, coordinating all client seminars, and auditing. Valerie will work out of the corporate office in Pasadena.

Michelle Martinez, former Clear Lake Branch Manager, has been promoted to Regional Manager and will oversee the Austin, Clear Lake, and Pearland offices’ operations. Meador Staffing will not have a branch manager in Clear Lake or Pearland at this time with Michelle overseeing operations as Regional Manager. The company is currently focused on recruiting and hiring a senior staffing consultant for the Pearland office as well as an account manager for the Austin location.

Tamara Stucky, previous Deer Park Branch Manager, has also been promoted to Regional Manager for Meador Staffing, overseeing the operations for Deer Park, The Woodlands, and Pasadena’s temporary division.  Meador Staffing will not have a branch manager in Deer Park or Pasadena at this time with Tamara overseeing operations as Regional Manager. The company is currently focused on recruiting and hiring an office coordinator for the Deer Park location.

Ashley Wright will assume the role of Sales Manager, transitioning from her role as Pasadena Branch Manager. She will work out of the corporate office in Pasadena. Ashley’s role as Sales Manager will consist of the administrative duties affiliated with overseeing Meador’s sales team, as well as lead generation for the company. She will work closely with Vice President Linda Fields and President Melinda Torrison in Meador’s sales efforts and support the company’s strong account manager team.

“Meador Staffing is in transition for growth and excited for the season that lies ahead,” said President Melinda Torrison as she made the changes on August 6th. “Congratulations to our growing team. We are positioning ourselves for great things and believe these changes will allow us to grow.”


About Meador Staffing Services: Since 1968, the team at Meador Staffing has been matching quality candidates with top employers across the United States in direct hire, contract, temporary, and temporary-to-hire arenas. When you partner with Meador, you are joining a family-oriented business, one that has built a legacy and reputation based on quality and service. Our experienced staffing and recruiting professionals are truly dedicated to finding the best solution for your staffing or career goals.

Meador Staffing Services Has First New President Since 1968

August 18th, 2014

Melinda Torrison Promoted to President & Chief Operations Officer

Congratulations are in order for Meador Staffing Services’ former Executive Vice President Melinda Torrison, who has been promoted to President & Chief Operations Officer for the company. Ben Meador, former President, will still remain active in the company as Chairman & CEO.

Melinda joined Meador Staffing full time in 1987 when it was still named Meador-Brady. Prior to coming on board in 1987, she had worked for the company during the summers in several roles, gaining experience in the staffing industry, as well as served in temporary roles for client companies in clerical positions. When she joined Meador-Brady, Melinda started her journey in the role of receptionist, then staffing assistant for the temporary group. Over the past twenty-seven years, she has served in many positions, the most recent being Executive Vice President.

Melinda has served the staffing industry and her community in various leadership roles, including President of the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants (TAPC); President of the Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants (HAAPC); and Vice President of Inter-City Temporary Associates, a national company with 115 affiliate members. Melinda is also recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow by The Rotary Foundation. She received her certification as a Certified Temporary Specialist by the National Association of Personnel Services in 1997.

Based on her activity, networking, and long-time entrenchment in the staffing industry, Melinda has been presented several awards over the years: CTS of the Year in 1992; HAAPC Community Service Award in 1995; Norval Locke Award in 2004.

Melinda is well-prepared to serve as President & Chief Operations Officer.  “I am dedicated to the well-being and best interest of this company and my family, who has created the legacy of serving our communities for the past 46 years,” Melinda shared. She has earned a reputation as a responsible, dependable, and an able leader, and has the respect of her peers and those she leads.  Meador Staffing has the utmost confidence she will be very successful and will have the full support of all of our employees.


About Meador Staffing Services: Since 1968, the team at Meador Staffing has been matching quality candidates with top employers across the United States in direct hire, contract, temporary, and temporary-to-hire arenas. When you partner with Meador, you are joining a family-oriented business, one that has built a legacy and reputation based on quality and service. Our experienced staffing and recruiting professionals are truly dedicated to finding the best solution for your staffing or career goals.

Meador News — Supply and Demand Portal

April 22nd, 2013

At Meador Staffing, we take the time to seek out tools that best help us help you. One of the tools we have recently made a high-price investment in is something called Supply and Demand Portal, provided by our partners at CareerBuilder. Talent pools grow and shrink depending on the labor demand by job type in particular markets. By understanding labor demand of the U.S. workforce, you can more effectively guide your recruitment strategy in terms of employment brand, compensation and overall advertising placement.

This economic data tool is available to you, our client, to help stay informed of what is going on in the industries we help you service. You will gain real-time access to the availability of active candidates for any position, salary compensation for a specific area, as well as locations where you will find the most and least competition is for that talent. Supply and Demand filters by geography, industry, company name, keywords related to specific skills, job title, certification, and education. In addition, you will be able to view trends from the last two years to adjust your recruitment strategy as needed. The portal’s accurate talent intelligence covers 90 percent of the online job market.

With the Supply and Demand Portal, the data presented to you, and with the costly investment made in this tool, in your business, we hope to provide you with the best possible results and outcomes when it comes to our services. This is an added service we will provide to you, used by less the five percent of the companies in the staffing industry.

Supply and Demand Portal

What is it? Supply and Demand is analytical data based off 90% of all online hiring sites. This new tool will allow our recruitment team to develop accurate recruitment strategies based on trending data.

What does it do? Supply and Demand shoe the supply, demand, and labor pressure by market based off job titles; financial averages by market based off job titles.

What does it mean? With Supply and Demand, recruitment reams can develop accurate strategies for recruitment. This alleviates the problem of guessing. Companies can offer competitive wages to prospective candidates.

Save time. Supply and Demand is a tool used to improve results of current tools by using them in a more effective way. This can be extremely effective in pricing out bids as well as business development. For companies, having the ability to offer a competitive wage allows you to not waste time when recruiting.

Success stories. A client was posting for a PHP developer. This position was open for eight months. This client looked at the data and identified that they were not offering enough money. The company learned they were offering 15% less than the average. The client increased their offer by $15,000 and made a hire after 45 days.


Sologig is an employment website that connects experienced IT and engineering professionals, and matches them with relevant opportunities. We will be using Sologig to provide this unique set of candidates.

We are always looking for new, attractive ways to draw the attention of top talent. If you have any questions about the tools we use to place the right people in the right jobs, we would love to discuss them more with you. As always, our Meador teams work to ensure our clients are knowledgeable of how we do what we do best.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Supply and Demand Portal, please contact your staffing consultant or recruiter. We would be happy to review this tool in detail so that you best understand how it can help you.

As always, thank you for your business. We value your relationship with us and your continued trust in our services.

Employee Spotlight: Ryan Meador, Corporate Wellness Director

January 15th, 2013

meador_profile_blogWelcome to our newest addition, Ryan Meador. Ryan joined Meador as our Corporate Wellness Director. He’s finishing his BS in Fitness & Human Performance. He has also received his Level 1 CrossFit Certification, and coaches in Deer Park at CrossFit Deer Park. Read his interview here!

Q: First off, welcome to the team! Have you always wanted to work for Meador Staffing?

A: I haven’t always wanted to work for Meador Staffing. I was never interested in having a 9-5 desk job, but when you find a place where you can do what you’re passionate about, then there’s something special there.

Q: How are you personally committed to demonstrating a healthy lifestyle for Meador employees?

A: I try to practice what I preach. I’m not perfect, though. I have moments of weakness just like everyone else when it comes to food. I just want to try & show people that you’re happier when you’re healthy. It makes a significant difference in everyday life.

Q: Which upcoming wellness program are you most excited for?

A: We are still only beginning the analysis process of the programing. I have several ideas up my sleeve that I’m excited for, but I don’t want to share them just yet. I think it’s hilarious that everyone thinks I’m going to be going through what they bring to work to eat. Meador employees have nothing to be afraid of; this is going to be an awesome & entertaining journey for everyone.

Q: What is Meador’s top wellness initiative for 2013? How are you going to help Meador get there?

A: Meador’s top initiative is to get all of our employees feeling the best they’ve ever felt. If we are healthier, we can do greater things because we have the drive, focus & physical capabilities to succeed in the areas where we sometimes fail. By pin-pointing our problem areas, I’m going to try to put together several incentive programs based on the data we’ve gone over that should target these problem areas, all while fine tuning the rest of this already well-oiled machine.

Q: What are some healthy lifestyle tips that fans can incorporate into their everyday work routine?

A: Healthy Tips: Don’t start off the day with a Monster energy drink & a pastry. You’re setting yourself up for weight-gain. Instead, have some sort of protein, a slow-digesting carb (fruit) & some “good”, monounsaturated fats (avocados, almonds, cashews, etc.). This will release a lot less insulin, resulting in those calories being used for energy & not being stored. Another good tip would be to move around throughout the day. Sitting at a desk hour after hour is detrimental to the body. Something fun to do would be every 30 minutes or even every hour, get up & do some stretches, or better yet, do some sort of exercise: pushups, sit ups, squats, etc.

Q: Each year, eat healthy & exercise regularly top New Year’s Resolution lists. Do you have any tips to help those stay true to their goals throughout the year?

A: The best thing you can do when starting a new exercise or diet plan is keep track of what you’re eating & how you’re feeling through a diary or some sort of food/exercise log. This helps you be able to see the problem areas that you normally wouldn’t. I’ve been surprised on numerous occasions when I thought a certain meal was only so many calories & it turns out that it took up half of my intake for the entire day! There are numerous websites out there that will track every little detail of your diet & exercise regime so you can stay on target with your goals & in doing so, you will learn how to better balance your meals, up your exercise program, or increase/decrease the amount of calories YOU need.

People forget that everyone is completely different, inside & out. You can’t copy someone’s diet or exercise plan to the T because they are not you.

Ryan Meador, NASM CPT, joined Meador Staffing in January of 2013. He brings a fresh and much needed perspective of health and wellness to the Meador culture. While working full-time at Meador, Ryan is also currently pursuing his degree in Fitness and Human Performance from the University of Clear Lake, to finish up in May. In addition to his personal training certification, Ryan has also obtained his CrossFit Lv1 Trainer certification. He currently coaches at CrossFit Deer Park.