Strategic Staffing and Recruiting Service in Houston and Beyond

Hiring can be a stressful task for any organization. Finding the right fit, and using valuable company time to do it, can be a costly burden. When you partner with Meador, we will take care of all the work for you.

Since 1968, we’ve been delivering flexible and customized staffing solutions for employers across Texas and beyond. Our solutions help employers cut costs, improve workforce flexibility, and find top candidates for their unique needs.

Our staffing services include:

Direct Hire Staffing

Focus on running your business, while Meador handles the hiring process for you. We will evaluate the position; source qualified candidates; screen, interview, test, and assess each one; and check backgrounds and references – all to ensure you hire a top performer.

Temporary Staffing

Increase your workforce – without adding to your overhead. With Meador’s temporary staffing solutions, you’ll get the people you need, when you need them, to fill in for short- or long-term projects.

Contract Staffing

Try out an employee on the job for a predetermined period of time, before making a full-time hiring decision. You’ll be able to evaluate the candidate in a true work setting to ensure a great fit.

Payrolling for Current Clients

Meador will take full responsibility for payment of employee wages, withholding taxes, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims.

Onsite Staffing

If you’re a high-volume staffing client, let one of Meador’s onsite staffing consultants manage your staffing function. Our consultant will evaluate your current situation and plan for future staffing needs, handle staffing requests, recruit and hire temporary workers, and monitor performance.


Whatever your workforce needs, Meador will customize a training program, ensuring our employees are poised to make an immediate impact on your organization.

Speakers Bureau

Representatives from Meador are available to speak to your organization or corporation on a variety of subjects, including safety and training, generational diversity, industry specific topics, etc. Whether a keynote, breakout session, or an interactive workshop, our speakers instill in their audiences easy-to-learn and easy-to-use techniques and ideas.

Join the Meador family, and see what generations of success can achieve for your organization. Contact us today.