Preparation for a Skills Test: Skill Set Exam Study Guide

April 18th, 2014

Temporary jobs in Pasadena, TX are growing, and if you are able to pass an employer’s skills test you will have a better opportunity to be considered for employment. Before you will be considered for employment by a temporary staffing service you will be required to take skills test based on your previous experience or the requirements of their client. How do you prepare for these types of exams when what they are testing is your ability to perform certain functions on the job? Here are a few things you can brush up on before you take the test and ensure you have the necessary scores for job placement.

  • Reading comprehension. Most skills tests will have a section designed to gauge your reading comprehension and other basic language skills. Practice by reading news stories and recalling important information to a friend or family member. Test yourself by going back and seeing what details you got right or wrong. You may also want to brush up on spelling and grammar.
  • Math and numbers. Some positions require specific skills when it comes to mathematics. You may need to brush up on measurements, basic calculations, or even story problems. There are a number of math tutorials on-line that can take you through problems step by step. You may also need to review information like recalling a series of numbers or transcribing numbers properly.
  • Data entry and typing. Administrative roles often depend on the entry of data into a system. Data entry can be numeric, which only uses the numbers keypad on the computer, or alpha numeric with a combination of letters and numbers. The tests gauge how quickly and accurately you are able to enter information. Typing is similar but uses only the QWERTY keyboard on a computer. The accuracy of typing and data entry is just as important at the speed.
  • Computer skills. Tests involving computer skills can take a number of forms. Depending on your experience you may be tested in basic Microsoft Office or more detailed offerings such as Adobe, Great Plains, or even Linux. Most staffing services will be able to choose the version of these computer programs to match your experience. However, it is important to recognize that if your experience on a computer program is too far out of date you may wish to obtain a newer version of the software and learn the changes before testing.

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4 Ways to Find Qualified Industrial Candidates in Austin

April 11th, 2014

Finding qualified industrial and warehouse employees has always been a challenge. In today’s modern world of Facebook and LinkedIn, employers are learning that these are not the places where hands-on workers can be found. Qualified industrial workers are looking for jobs in your community right now, so how do you find them? Here are four ways to locate those employees and bring them on board in your company.

  • Technical schools. The best place to source new industrial employees is with your local technical school. They like to offer their students and recent grads opportunities to work with local businesses to gain real world work experience. Depending on the skills you need for the job, you may be able to set up an apprenticeship program with the school. Create relationships with the programs that best match your business model and access them whenever necessary.
  • Referral programs. Your current employees are one of your very best resources for candidates. Good people refer good people. Offer a referral bonus to employees when you hire anyone they recommend to the job. You may wish to make this contingent on continued employment such as paying the bonus after 30 days on the job.
  • Community resources. Look into local organizations or publications that have large community participation. Finding the right local candidates is about advertising where they already are. Look at local churches and community centers. Advertise with the online editions of your local newspaper. Face to face networking can also help. Establish your business as an industrial employer of choice in your community by becoming involved in local issues and events.
  • Staffing services. A local staffing company has already tapped into the networks that you are trying to establish. Work with a service to help you find new candidates for your opportunities. They can place individuals on your job in a temporary to hire basis so you can learn how they work and determine if they will be a good long-term fit for the company. A staffing service can provide long-term solutions as well as immediate needs and be there as a resource whenever necessary.

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Why You are Losing Candidates: Give Timely Feedback to Retain Top Candiates

April 4th, 2014

Have you been struggling through the application and interviewing process to add a new member to your team? Many factors can contribute to not finding top candidates but sometimes they stem from the hiring process itself. Before you blame the talent pool or other outside factors, look at your current hiring processes. Can you do anything to improve your success rate? Here are a few reasons you may be missing out on top candidates and minor fixes to solve the problem.

  • This is taking too long! Candidates often complain about the length of time it takes for a company to schedule interviews or make a decision. They are also easily frustrated by a lack of communication during every step of the process. Sometimes good candidates are put in a holding pattern so companies can continue interviewing to find the elusive “perfect” fit. People who don’t hear back aren’t likely to stick around. They may accept another position or dismiss a company that finally gets back to them a month or more later. Focus on communication. Let candidates know if they are not choses and keep top candidates up to date on where you are in the process.
  • The interview is all over the place! Bad interviewing techniques can also drive away star candidates. Unrelated questions or the classic “if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” can be a major turn off for potential employees. On the flip side, making a decision based on a gut instinct in an interview can have disastrous results. Don’t set up impossible hoops for candidates to jump through. Establish an interviewing procedure and ask each candidate the same questions so you can compare apples to apples. Have another team member interview as well and discuss your thoughts together.
  • Why would I want to work there? Company culture is becoming a make it or break it issue when candidates are choosing their next employer. You might have a great company but aren’t selling it right. You might be missing some amenities that other organizations are providing as a matter of course. Look at your policies and see what you can use to entice stellar candidates to your door. Do you have a good work/life balance? Do you have flexible hours? What personalities already work in your company? What benefits do you offer above and beyond medical coverage and vacation days?

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Hot Jobs: Accounts Payable Clerk and Business Processor

March 28th, 2014

Temporary to Hire Accounts Payable Clerk in La Porte TX

Our client, an inspection and engineering company in La Porte TX, is currently seeking a candidate for a temporary to permanent accounts payable role.

Qualified candidates will need to have experience with the inspection and engineering industry. The opportunity pays $14 per hour with the possibility of a long term transition to a permanent role. This individual would be responsible for full cycle accounts payable and will interact with vendors, set up travel arrangements, handle expenses, maintain confidentiality, and pay attention to detail. Must have excellent skills in Microsoft Word and Excel as well as experience with expenses and travel arrangements.

Temp to hire Business Processor position available in the Woodlands area.

Our client is seeking an ambitious self-starter for a business processing position handling high volumes and levels of data entry. Position pays $15 to $17 per hour; rate dependent on experience.

Qualified candidates will have a minimum of 12,500 keystrokes per hour and at least 3 to 5 years’ experience. As part of the business processing team, this role will be responsible for entering, reconciling, and quality checking large batches of contracts. They will perform data entry and verify contract accuracy necessary to process business. Strong data entry, telephone, and customer service skills are required. Must have the ability to perform a variety of technical tasks accurately and interact with other team members. This role requires independent thinking, good judgment, and problem-solving. Must be able to communicate effectively and be courteous to clients and customers. Qualifications include 5 years contract warranty administration experience or related work experience, and/or a degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or Math. Candidates must have a strong aptitude for numbers and be accurate and organized with attention to detail. Strong computer skills with the ability to learn specialized software, spreadsheets and databases, typing and keyboarding skills are required. This opportunity is perfect for recent college graduates or qualified professionals looking for a career change.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Austin Staffing Firm?

March 21st, 2014

If your business is looking for talent to fill an existing role or take on something new, have you considered working with a local staffing company? Hiring is a time consuming and expensive process and the wrong decision could lead to bigger problems. The benefits of working with a staffing company can be great for your business. Here are a few of the benefits for working with a local staffing firm.

  • Local pool of skilled candidates. A staffing service is in the very business of sourcing and pre-screening candidates for potential jobs. They have access to hundreds of local job seekers who have a variety of experience. When you contact the agency to discuss your needs they may already know a few candidates they feel would fit your corporate environment and the skill set you are looking for.
  • Access to network. Beyond a pool of existing job seekers, staffing services also build networks with other companies and industries in your area. This gives them the opportunity to find passive job seekers or individuals who might not be actively looking for a job but would change for the right opportunity. You can benefit from the recruiter’s existing network.
  • Understanding of your business. When you initiate a relationship with a staffing company one of their first actions will be visiting your business to find out more about what you do and the types of people already working in your company. This will give them a perspective to help source candidates they feel would be a good long term fit within your organization. You can also work with a company who specializes in your specific industry.
  • Support for the hiring process. The recruiter’s role doesn’t end when an individual has been placed on an assignment. Work with your local staffing company to create temporary to hire opportunities that give you a chance to see a candidate in action before making a final hiring decision. The staffing company can give you direction on salary negotiations or management styles.

Do you want to partner with a local staffing company for your next hire? Meador Staffing, Austin TX recruiters specializing in the local area, can help you today!

4 Ways to Get Noticed by Your Ideal Employer

March 18th, 2014

You’ve followed all of the advice online about updating your social media profiles and adding accomplishments to your resume. You’ve created a list of the top 5 or 10 companies you want to work for. So now what do you do? How do you get your ideal employers to notice you and, more importantly, to follow up. Here are a few tips designed to get your information in front of the right people.

  • Always present yourself in a professional way both online and in person. Many employers review public social media before extending a job offer or even considering a resume. Everything they find will help them form opinions of who you are as a candidate. Spend time cleaning up your online reputation to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. Also, always be professional and courteous over the phone and in person, even to the receptionist.
  • Reach out to set up a meeting at a conference. Your dream company probably has a presence at a trade event or conference that you can attend. Use social media to let them know you’re going to be there and that you want to meet with them. Tell who you are and what you’re looking for before you arrive at their booth. This will give them an opportunity to get to know you and be prepared for a casual meet and greet.
  • Update your accomplishments regularly. Peppering your resume with a list of accomplishments isn’t exactly what is necessary to attract attention. So many people create resumes when they are looking for a job and don’t think about them again once they are working. This leads to a cycle of scrambling to remember all the things you need to include on your next resume. Every year, keep a list of your professional accomplishments and update your resume even if you’re not actively seeking a job.
  • Create a network to keep you accountable for your goals. Setting goals won’t mean much if you aren’t able to follow through. Your dream company wants to see candidates who take action and get things done. Create an accountability group of people you trust. Let them know what you’re working on and keep them update on the progress. This can help keep you on track.

Are you looking to work with your dream employer? Meador Staffing can help you find jobs in Pasadena TX and beyond!

Austin Ranks Top City for Job Seekers

March 13th, 2014

It is no secret to the rest of the country; Austin Texas is a growing place for jobs and job seekers. According to a recent online study, Austin is number 1 on a list of 10 growing cities for jobs that also includes Washington DC, Denver, Charlotte North Carolina, and Minneapolis. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for Austin’s boom and what attracts both job seekers and businesses to the city.

  • Technology companies and more. Big names such as Dell and IBM have offices in the city and are hiring skilled individuals for their business. The technology industry is booming in Austin and bringing with it jobs for qualified job seekers in the area. Beyond technology there are also jobs available in biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Many high profile national companies have built their headquarters in the area including Whole Foods, 3M, Waste Management, and Progressive Insurance.
  • Business friendly regulations. The very business friendly regulations in Texas are one of the major reasons large US companies are setting up shop there. Not only is the industry fair to large businesses but also to small startups and entrepreneurs. The more people who feel comfortable starting their own organization, the more opportunities for job growth in the area.
  • No state income tax. Another major reason that Texas is such a friendly state to new job seekers is the lack of a state income tax. This allows for employees to keep a significant portion of their paycheck. However, keep in mind that the lack of state income tax does mean that other taxes, such as property and sales, are higher than average.
  • Highly educated job market. One of the major reasons industries cite for locating their businesses in Texas is because of the highly educated job market. Especially in Austin, the high level universities are offering businesses a skilled pool of educated workers to take their open jobs. Austin alone is home to several big name colleges including the University of Texas, Concordia, and the Texas Heath and Sciences University.

Are you considering Austin as the perfect place to look for work? Talk with us at Meador staffing, Austin TX service provider.

Spring Clean Your Resume!

February 28th, 2014

Will March roar in like a lion and leave like a lamb this year? The groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter at the beginning of February but we are inching every closer to spring. As with many things, this is a good time of year to do the spring cleaning, and this includes your resume. How can you can dust off your current resume and better attract employers? Here are a few tips.

  • Know what you’re working with. Here is where you determine just what you need to include on your resume. Focus on these three categories: hard skills, soft skills, and accomplishments. Hard skills are the specific skills that you can demonstrate such as a speaking Spanish or how fast you type. Soft skills are intangible and include customer service skills and how well you stay organized. Accomplishments show not only what you did but how you did them. For example, write about how much money you saved your last employer and how it impacted the company.
  • Search and destroy the typos. One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is not going over their resume enough times to find all of the typos. Eliminate spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Go one step further and make sure all your formatting is correct. Don’t switch between things like $5,000,000 and $5 Million. Keep it consistent. Read your resume out loud and this can help you catch things you miss when look it over. Ask a friend or family member to look ti over as well.
  • Eliminate catch phrases and specific language. It is important to remember that the person who reads your resume first probably doesn’t share your exact experience. Write your resume so it can be read and understood by anyone. Eliminate technical language or industry jargon and write it plainly. Also, avoid overused buzz words such as team player or multi-tasking.
  • Know what to cut out. Many people spend too much time making an all-inclusive resume that describes every last job they’ve ever held. Instead, a good rule to work with is to only go back 10 years on your resume. Take out the jobs you had in high school and the list of every course you took in college. Also, makes sure to include dates for each job but eliminate them from your college experience. Also, be cautious about adding hobbies or interests. Only include things that might be useful at the job for which you are applying.

Are you thinking of changing your resume to revamp your job search this spring? Meador Staffing, currently hiring for jobs in Pasadena TX, can help you with your resume today!

Hot Jobs with Meador Staffing: 3D Modeling and Accounting Opportunities Available

February 21st, 2014

Meador staffing is always looking for qualified candidates in the Austin and Houston areas. Here is a small sample of some of the jobs we are working on now.

3D Modeling/SolidWorks Designer

Our client, located in Austin, is currently seeking an experienced candidate for their 3D Modeling direct hire position. Candidates must have 3-5 years experience in Solid Works or AutoCAD.

This position will be working with a rapidly growing and stable manufacturing company in Central Texas. Our client wants to add to their current solid team who believe this is a great place to work! They need a 3D Modeling/Solid Works AutoCad Designer with 3-5 years of experience. They are looking for a candidate local to the North Austin area. The opportunity offers a great salary with possible bonuses twice a year.

To learn more about this role, contact Meador Staffing.


Our Fresno, TX, based client is looking for a superstar accountant to add to their team. This direct hire position pays between $50,000 and $70,000 depending on the candidate’s prior experience. They are looking for someone who can hit the ground running and who wants to work in their casual office environment.

This role will serve as the primary on-site financial resource for local management and other locations with oversight responsibilities. This position will include tasks such as coordinating the approval process of all accounts payable invoices, preparing use tax reports on a monthly basis, to preparing a month-end capital cash flow statement as well as other accounting processes.

We are seeking candidates with one or more years’ experience in payroll, accounts payable, general ledger, database and accounting software experience. Previous work within a manufacturing environment is strongly preferred. The right candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and bilingual proficiency in Spanish is a plus.

According to this position can pay at or more than the average salary for this type of role in the greater Houston area.

Contact the recruiters at Meador Staffing to learn more.

Are you looking for a new opportunity in the greater Austin or Houston areas? Meador Staffing specializes in jobs in Houston TX and beyond so contact us today!

Turning Your Duties Into Resume Accomplishments

February 14th, 2014

Have you ever struggled with your resume? Are you looking for ways to make it more memorable and to stand out from the crowd? There are so many articles that provide resume advice it is difficult to know where to start. The current trend for resumes is to avoid a laundry list of duties and instead showcase your career accomplishments. But how exactly do you do this? Here are some simple tips for turning your duties into accomplishments on your resume.

  • Start by understanding the difference. In the most basic way a duty is what you did and an accomplishment is how you did it. For a resume you want to avoid statements like, “Produced excel spreadsheets for the department.” Instead, replace it with a statement that emphasis how this was particularly helpful or effective for your company. “Developed a spreadsheet report that tracked the department spending and saved over $20,000 for the company in 2012.”
  • Create a list of what sets you apart. Now is the time to ask yourself the questions that will drill down to your accomplishments. How did you go above and beyond? How did you stand out from your coworkers? What kind of recognition or awards did you receive? Were you responsible for any new processes? Did you save the company money? What problems were you able to solve?
  • Quantify the information as much as possible. Now, take this list and add in as many data and numbers as possible. You want to show exactly how much money you saved or how many awards you received. Add percentages to show how much time you dedicated to a specific problem and how it was solved. Be as specific as possible. It is okay to estimate as long as you can justify your numbers in an interview.
  • Now describe the benefit of your efforts. Things that set you apart and the numbers that quantify them are very important but there is a third step. Now you need to show a new employer why your accomplishments are a benefit. Add not only how much money you saved but how those savings benefited your former employer and how, by hiring you, the same can happen for them.

Do you have more questions about preparing a winning resume? If you are looking for jobs in Houston Texas, Meador Staffing can help you today!