Use that Alumni Network

September 7th, 2012

Looking for a job after graduation can seem difficult. Many recent graduates are experiencing issues with the current job market and they are the highest group of unemployed or underemployed individuals in the economy today. There are some things you can do to help improve your chances; such as reaching out to your University or College Alumni groups. Many alumni look for ways to give back to their school and by tapping into their network you can give them an opportunity to help in a tangible way. They may be willing to give you career advice or even help you with a job in their organization. Here are some suggested ways to network.

  1. Your school’s career center. This office typically maintains a database of the alumni willing to mentor students. You may be able to source specific alumni who work in your industry, shared a major programs, or who live in the area of the country that most interests you. The career center may also sponsor alumni events where former students come to the university to meet with and talk with current students. Take advantage of every alumni program the university offers.
  2. The alumni office and newsletter. Your university has outreach programs for their former students. Become involved in this process. If you can volunteer or work at the alumni center you will have access to individuals who may be willing to share their experiences and expertise. The newsletter also often includes highlighted alumnus and will feature their accomplishments. Read this and touch base with someone who inspires you.
  3. Geographically centered alumni associations. You may not choose to stay in your hometown after graduation. Many other people had the same thought. Alumni, especially from larger schools, will form associations in their towns to network. Reach out to those groups and express your interest in their town. Not only can you learn about the area, but you may also learn about jobs and industries.
  4. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best professional internet networking site available. You can easily find informal groups that can connect you to alumni in your city or in your field. People on LinkedIn are there to make connections so use that network as much as you can.

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