Limited Resources for Campus Recruiting? Think Outside the Box

March 30th, 2012

When it comes to recruiting soon-to-be college graduates, many small and medium-sized businesses simply can’t compete with the resources of a Fortune 500 company. These smaller companies may not be able to afford a presence at a high-profile college fair, so they either make a modest attempt or avoid the big leagues altogether. But this doesn’t mean you should abandon college visits as part of your recruiting strategy.

Here are tips for campus recruiting you may not have considered:

Think small.

There are many small, “out of the way” institutions with plenty of students eager to enter the workforce. Some employers mistakenly place too much emphasis on a student’s major, rather than on the student herself, thus missing out on individuals with the right attitude, if not the right degree.

In fact, by establishing yourself as a hiring presence on smaller campuses, you instantly become the “big fish” you can’t be elsewhere. And these smaller institutions will often work harder to attract companies like yours, and offer more resources as part of their career fair package.

Look for new ways to connect with students

Career fairs aren’t the only way to find potential employees. Some firms make the effort to connect through classroom presentations or through social media venues. They also reach out to the presidents of various student clubs or fraternities, who often know which students might make a good fit for their business.

At the very least, it’s a great way to start building on-campus relationships that can pay off later on.

Smaller is better

Many students feel they’ve been “burned” by large companies which made a big splash during a career fair but were nowhere to be found in the follow-up phase. Or these same companies do respond but on their own schedule, which may be weeks or even months later.

If your business is positioned to act quickly, this can be a huge selling point in your campus recruiting campaign. As word gets out, more students will vie to interview with you, knowing that one way or another, they’ll hear back sooner than with the much bigger firms. And, as numerous student surveys show, plenty of college graduates prefer working with a small business. They’re attracted by fewer layers of hierarchy and greater opportunities for career advancement.

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