Effective Ways to Overcome Candidate Ghosting in the Hiring Process

April 26th, 2019

Ghosting, a term borrowed from the world of online dating and text-based conversation, is the act of simply ceasing all communications without warning. It happens to companies from time to time when a candidate never responds to attempts to follow up about an open position. Ghosting can have a significant impact on your company and hiring decisions, whether you’re the one doing the ghosting or you’re being ghosted by quality candidates. Do you want to overcome and reduce ghosting in your hiring process? Here’s how.

Text Reminders

Throughout the interview process, be sure to text your candidates’ reminders about their meetings with you. We know that some employers are hesitant to do this, but it can be effective. It isn’t specifically to remind them to attend the interview but to reinforce that you are looking forward to meeting them as well.

This practice can also give you a lot of insight into the candidate. If you send a text and they still ghost, then you know to let that candidate go regardless of their skills. Or some candidates might see this as an invitation to let you know they moved on with their job search, which eliminates ghosting.

Be an Employer of Choice

Of course, you also want to be an employer that people are excited to work for. Why would someone want to work with your company rather than your competition? What do you bring to the table? What do you have to offer a professional who may be interested in your type of position?

Becoming an employer of choice is about the satisfaction of your current team as well. They will be great brand ambassadors if you treat them well and keep them engaged and happy on the job.

Build Relationships

Hiring isn’t just about putting people in seats; it’s about building a long-term relationship. As soon as someone feels like they’re just a cog or that they’re replaceable, they will be less interested in contributing to the greater success of the company.

But you have the power to build positive relationships with current employees and potential candidates. When you build professional relationships with those in your community, you’re opening up your opportunities to people excited to make a difference.

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One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward – This Could Be Your Career Path

March 14th, 2019

Changing your career path is a scary prospect, but it’s not impossible. In fact, taking a step back in order to move forward could be the best thing you do for your career. If you’re interested in changing your career and moving into another area, consider the best ways to make that happen. As you’re looking into ways to make your career move, consider these things.

Take a Step Back

It’s really okay to take a step back if it will help you move forward in something that is more fulfilling for you. The idea that you have to stay in your own lane just because those are the skills you have can be counterproductive to your overall professional wellbeing.

Professionally, it makes more sense to take a step back to gain a new perspective and be able to alter your career path to better suit your interests.

Focus on Transferable Skills

To do this, focus on your transferable skills. You may not have every single piece of knowledge required for the industry where you want to transition, but chances are much of your background can be applied. Look at the things that are universal and demonstrate the impact of your performance.

For instance, if you want to transition from administrative work to accounting, look at the things you’ve done to organize systems or even manage an executive’s expense account.

Understand it Takes Time

Of course, a career transition won’t happen overnight. You can’t necessarily quit one job and start working with another industry without a couple of steps back. But keep in mind that the work you put in advancing your current career means you don’t need to take as much time to advance the new one.

All of the basic skills of being a professional already exist in your wheelhouse. Now you just need to apply them in a new way. It’ll take time, and be patient, but it won’t take nearly as much time.

Be Open to New Ideas

You also have to understand when you’re starting in a new industry that you don’t know everything. Be willing to learn new things that can help you advance your career along this new path. Be willing to accept constructive criticism. Allow yourself to learn new things.

You also want to shed any bad habits that you’ve picked up along the way. It’s okay to admit that there is a better way to do something.

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The Guide to Explaining Unemployment in Your Next Job Interview

October 11th, 2018


There are a lot of reasons you may find yourself with a job history gap on your resume. But when you’re looking for your next position, you need to be able to articulate the reasons why in order to sell yourself to a potential employer. What are some of the things that companies look for when considering your answers to why you’ve been out of a job? Here are a few ways you can explain unemployment in your next interview to improve your chances of success.

Be honest.

One important thing to note when you’re discussing a career gap with a potential employer is, to be honest. There will be no benefit to creating a false narrative that can be easily confirmed or denied through the hiring process. You can be honest, but that doesn’t mean you have to be negative. Find a way to positively talk about your experience away from the professional world.

The reasons why.

The interviewer will want to know the reason why. Did the company restructure and your role was eliminated? Were you not a good fit for the position? Did you take a leap that didn’t work out professionally? Was it your choice or the decision of your past employer? All of these will give them a better picture of why.

Be positive.

In all cases, stay positive. Half the battle when impressing a potential employer is your attitude. Even if you weren’t a good fit with your last company, don’t talk about how much you disliked your manager or coworkers. Don’t talk about your financial challenges or how it’s been difficult for you to find a new job.

Share what you’ve learned.

Ultimately, your job is to share with a potential employer that you’ve learned from your experience and can bring to the table to avoid similar mistakes in the future. This can be the case if you left a position willingly or if you experienced a negative situation that you need to make positive to impress a hiring manager.

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