What Recruiters Want to See on Your Resume

February 22nd, 2013

Your entire career is distilled on to one or two pages and it is the only document standing between you and an interview. Writing the perfect resume is very important.  Recruiters only spend a few seconds with each resume before deciding what to do with it. For a job seeker this can be frustrating especially considering the time and effort it took to create it. Make the most of your resume by focusing on the following aspects.

  1. Customize it. Objectives and summary statements aren’t necessary according to many resume writing professionals.  However, the most important thing is to make sure your resume focuses on the job you really want or, more importantly, the job for which you are applying. If a recruiter sees a resume for an experienced administrative assistant that is submitted for their bookkeeping position they aren’t likely to read further.
  2. Company names.  The job title is not as important as the company name. A job title is arbitrary and two different office managers can have very different skills. However, the size and type of the company you worked for will tell the recruiter more about what you can do.
  3. Dates of employment. Eliminating the dates from your resume is one of the biggest red flags for recruiters. They feel you must be hiding something from them if you keep the dates off the page. Be sure to include this information in your job history. If you have gaps in your work experience show that you have been volunteering or going to school.
  4. Provide the numbers. When a recruiter looks at your resume they may be skimming but their eyes, and brains, will stop if they see real numbers. Show them with concrete evidence what kind of contribution you made to your previous employers.
  5. Your education.  Recruiters aren’t looking for information to impress them; they are looking for a complete picture of each candidate. Understanding where you went to school and how your career path developed after that is a strong indicator of what kind of employee you will be.
  6. Proper formatting. You will get a lot of different answers if you ask recruiters how they like to see a resume formatted, but there are some tried and true techniques you can use. Recruiters often prefer bulleted lists over paragraphs. They like to have key information such as the company name and dates of employment bolded. They do not like to see fancy fonts or photographs.

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