Set Expectations with Your Employees to Ensure Clarity

June 19th, 2015

When something is miscommunicated in the office, it can be the small snowball that causes the avalanche. As a manager it is up to you to ensure that your instructions are clear and easy to follow. Part of this process is managing your employees’ expectations so they know not only what they are supposed to do but also what is expected from them. Here are some ways you can set your expectations for employees to ensure clarity in the office.

Create structure.

The structure may be different depending on your corporate culture, but you do need some sort of framework. If you goal is innovation, design a structure around that. If it is productivity, it will look very different. Look into other businesses similar to your own and see what kind of structure they put in place to help set their employees’ expectations.

Be clear about results.

You also want your team to know what kind of results you’re expecting so you can manage your own expectations. Never be vague when assigning projects when you know what result you’re expecting. Otherwise, if the end result is more fluid then indicate those to the team when you give them the task. Encourage communication from your employees if there is any discrepancy.

Set goals.

They should have production goals that they need to hit along the way. This will not only give you a sense of what is being accomplished but it can also provide motivation to the team as they see their work pay off. Benchmarks throughout projects also provide a guide on timeline and the possibility of future deadlines being met. Reward them for good work including finishing ahead of schedule or exceeding expectations.

Provide feedback.

Finally, you need to provide feedback along the way to continue to manage your expectations and theirs. Don’t only talk about the mistakes or problems, but be sure to praise your team for their accomplishments as well. Avoid slipping into micromanagement during the process and allow your team to complete their work as they see fit as long it is completed correctly.

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