Offer Candidates What Your Employees Already Have

April 27th, 2012

As the job market slowly but steadily improves, seasoned job-seekers are becoming more selective about open positions and the companies looking to fill them. Every employer should have a clear understanding of what candidates are looking for – what truly motivates them to move beyond reading the job post to clicking “Apply now.” One effective strategy for understanding these primary motivations is to look objectively within the organization and see what’s driving employee retention.

Compensation and benefits

Whatever they may say, virtually everyone considering an employment opportunity wants to know if you have an attractive compensation/benefits package. If some time has passed since you last conducted a comparative salary assessment (comparing your compensation structure against those in similar businesses), this might be the right time to make sure (a) you’re offering fair and competitive pay; and (b) your current workforce appears satisfied with the compensation you offer.

As for benefits, it’s worth making an effort to determine what benefits your employees are making use of. Are these benefits comprehensive enough? Do you hear from employees that other types of benefits might be more desirable? If it’s time for a change in your benefits package, start by what’s needed internally and go from there.

Opportunities for growth

The same holds true for job-seeker and those currently employed alike. Talented, ambitious individuals want to work for an organization where there are opportunities to learn and grow. If you actively promote from within, be sure to publicize this in your job postings. And if that’s not always possible, see what you can do in terms of providing additional training and skill-building resources so that both employees and job-seekers understand there’s potential for growth in your business.

Balancing work and life

Plenty of businesses say they’re advocates of a proper work/life balance. How many truly are? If you determine that employees are dissatisfied with the number of hours they have to put in, especially if they far exceed a standard, 40-hour work week, you will have trouble recruiting and retaining new employees. A good work/life balance is one of the most attractive elements a business can offer, so if you believe in this principle, be ready to “walk the talk.”

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