Compensating Outside the Box!

November 9th, 2012

As the job market begins to open up due to lower unemployment employers need to know what perks and incentives to provide employees. On top of a fair salary package, good benefits, and a reasonable vacation policy, what are other ways you can compensate and engage your employees? Here are 7 low cost ways to make your employees happy at their jobs.

  1. Work from home.  Many companies no longer need a physical office presence for an employee to be able to do a good job. Offer your employees the ability to work from home all or part of the time.
  2. Flexible work schedule. Some companies chose to establish a flexible work schedule such as allowing employees to work 4 ten hour days and have an extra day off each week. Or you may be flexible on start or end times provided the employees are able to complete their work effectively.
  3. Pizza party. Once a month, order pizza for the whole office and allow employees to take a break to socialize and eat their lunch with the other departments in your business. This will foster good will and positive team attitudes.
  4. Movie day. Consider going completely out of the box and take your employees to see a movie. Shut down the office and go see the newest blockbuster action or hilarious comedy. If you can’t close the office offer your employees movie gift certificates so they can enjoy the show with their families.
  5. Bring your dog to work day. People love their pets. And dogs often love other dogs. Allow your employees to bring their dogs to work for a day.
  6. Holiday parties. Many companies stopped the practice of hosting a holiday party due to cutting costs measures. Employees have missed them. You don’t have to host an expensive dinner party. Have the team meet at a local sports bar and bring their spouses to enjoy some holiday cheer.
  7. Game room. This was a big trend in the early days of IT and many companies are bringing it back. You can often get used and refurbished arcade or table top games at a reasonable price. Put them in your break room and allow employees to enjoy themselves.

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