4 Benefits to Working with a Texas Recruiter

November 29th, 2013

Is your company looking to add staff to your team? As the job market continues to improve here in Texas, how can you find the very best candidates for your open positions? Have you considered working with a local recruiter who understands the job landscape right here at home? There are many benefits to selecting and working with a dedicated recruiter who understands the community and knows the job market and candidate pool in the area. Here are just a few reasons to consider working with a recruiter in Texas.

  1. Recruiters have an established network in the Austin and Houston areas. Your recruiter will have already done the hard work for finding qualified individuals for your job openings. They already have a strong pool of candidates they have interviewed and even worked with. Tap into their extended network for the cost of their services to find the best qualified candidates local to your company.
  2. Specialized recruiters understand your industry. Talk with a local recruiting company who specializes in your industry. They will have the knowledge and insight to evaluate candidates who already have experience. The recruiter will ask you to spend some time with them discussing the specifics of the job so they have a good understanding of your needs.
  3. Access to the local candidates. Your Texas recruiter will be able to connect with candidates who are already local to your business. As soon as you present them with an open job order they can begin screening candidates to meet with you. Your recruiter will have access to the best local resources for networking.
  4. They fully understand the needs of the community. There are many large, national staffing firms who say they can help you with your local staffing needs, but they aren’t necessarily equipped with the right knowledge. How can a recruiter in New York understand the neighborhoods and commute experience within the Austin and Houston areas.

Are you looking for a local recruiter who understands your specific needs? If you are looking for recruiters in Austin TX, contact us today.

Be Prepared with an Interview Toolkit

July 12th, 2013

Being prepared for an interview should involve more than printing out your resume and wearing your best navy blue suit. Before scheduling your next meeting, ask yourself, “What can I offer an employer?” It is important to consider the extras that you can provide which will set you apart from the rest of the candidates who interview for the same job. Think of all the ways you can market your specific skills. Consider these tools to add to your interviewing took kit and impress your future employer.

  1. What does the interviewer want? An important shift in your interviewing mindset is to treat the hiring manager like a customer to whom you’re selling a product. Assess your skills and abilities and determine how your “product” can solve immediate problems and improve processes for this company? You need to think creatively about what you have to offer and be able to present it in a way that is above and beyond your competition.
  2. Research the company. Lots of experts give the advice to research the company before an interview, but very few tell you what to do with the information. It isn’t enough just to know who the company is, what they do, and their yearly earnings. A good exercise is to view your role as a consultant. Look at the job description, the company profile, and determine what you can do to help solve their most pressing needs.
  3. Add an extra touch. To make yourself more memorable, think of one thing you can bring with you to the interview to set yourself apart from the competition. Don’t be unprofessional; it is best to leave your pets or knitting projects at home. However, based on your research you can determine something that will prove your value to the company. For example, if their website features humorous bios of each staff member, craft something that fits the overall feel and bring it with you. If you see that their website invites people to “Like!” them on Facebook but they don’t actively post on the site, bring examples of competitors Facebook page or show them how you use Facebook to build an audience.

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