Make the Hiring Process Easier On Your Business

November 18th, 2011

It’s no secret – most businesses regard the hiring process as costly, time-consuming and frequently unproductive. In many cases, certain mistakes get made time and again, leading to inadequate new hires and even more time and money wasted by having to start all over again.

The good news is, changing a few standard practices can generate a more effective and streamlined hiring process. Once these practices are in place, future hiring should go a lot easier on everyone involved.

Here are areas where you can make significant improvements:

Job description. Many businesses rely on “boilerplate” job descriptions they’ve picked up online or retained from long in the past. If a job isn’t properly defined, it should be no surprise that finding the right person is highly unlikely.

How many of the job descriptions you use include requirements for minimum education, skills and qualities like “team player” and “must have good communication skills”? But do any of these accurately address the job itself? Of course, a qualified applicant must meet certain baseline requirements, but you’ll get better results by defining “success” in the open position (as measured by objective goals and objectives). Now tailor your interview process to uncover the individual who best articulates how he or she will achieve that success. Chances are, the right person will meet all the other baseline requirements as well.

Specific skills needed. In an economy where employees are called upon to take responsibility for many different positions, you may find yourself meeting with people who have a little experience and skills in a lot of areas, rather than high marks in the specific role you’re looking for.

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” candidate. When you craft the open position announcement, try to omit all the secondary requirements that would be nice to have, but aren’t truly necessary. Prioritize the skills and abilities that are indispensable to the position. A job-seeker who meets these criteria will more likely emerge from the candidate pool.

Prescreen. Some businesses avoid prescreening on the assumption it adds significant time and expense to the hiring process. But going to the effort to determine an applicant’s skill levels over the phone ends up saving hours and money in the long run. It’s helpful as well in determining ahead of time if a candidate’s salary expectations align with what you have to offer. If phone prescreening isn’t an option, try attaching a brief questionnaire to the application form that will help eliminate job-seekers who aren’t right for the position.

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