Looking for a Job? Write a Blog

July 13th, 2012

There’s a good reason you see so many blogs when you browse the web. Increasingly, this is a way for people to share knowledge, brand themselves as “thought leaders” and—of particular interest to job-seekers—find and get a job.

If you have a special interest in a topic that relates to the kind of job you’re looking for, getting a blog up and running is a great first step toward launching yourself in the world of social media. The  blog posts don’t have to be long (500-600 words tops) or overly formal (a casual, but grammatically correct style is best), but they should absolutely provide value in the form of insights and tidbits of unique knowledge you can pass along. With a library of blog posts and an aggressive approach toward getting traffic to your site, odds are you’ll attract interest from HR recruiters or others in an industry network. If they like what they see, you’ll probably hear from them.

Set up your blog

Look into these sites that will host your blog for free:

Blogger.com – Free and easy to set up

WordPress.com – Free, but with special features you can purchase

Start writing

As noted, blogging is synonymous with informal writing—but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to pull off. Veteran bloggers suggest writing your first few posts in a Word program, which can be easily revised and edited, and then downloaded into your chosen blog template. In your first draft, don’t worry too much about sentence structure and choosing the perfect words. Focus on getting something down, letting it sit for awhile, then returning to look at it with fresh eyes. Your job is to produce fresh content that has value to readers. (While you’re at it, try coming up with a snappy, topic-related name for your blog, something people can easily remember.)

You might want to start slow, drafting maybe 1-3 posts a week. But your goal should be posting new content at least 5 times a week, so readers get in the habit of checking out your blog on a regular basis.

And remember—Spell-check is your friend! Nothing should ever go up that contains misspelling or simple grammatical errors.

Read and comment on other blogs

Read lots of blogs and comment on the posts you read. Commenting (and finding blogs you can link back to) helps establish relationships with other bloggers and people in positions of influence.

Your blog is your brand

If your blogging goal is to move your job search forward, never forget that your blog represents you; it’s your personal brand. Don’t use this forum to spout off about a pet peeve, unless it’s industry-related and you have a great solution. Don’t get into a blog war with other bloggers. Focus on creating content that you feel good about being read by potential employers.

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